Twin Flame Poetry – The third part of an eternal love story

“Twin Flame Poetry” by ISIS & OSIRIS
ISIS & OSIRIS use their poems in “Twin Flame Poetry” to show that love is a connection between spirits and souls.

The age difference of 22 years is not a problem for Isis and Osiris, who experience a very unusual Christmas season in the third book about their undying love. After being reunited in the previous volume, they now have to face the holiday season on their own – away from each other. But even though they are far away from each other, they are still more connected that some couple who see each other every single day. The two lovers send poems to each other, and read them alone on Saturday evenings with the light of a candle. While reading the poems, they imagine being together and can feel each other’s souls.

The readers can feel the love in the poems that are presented in the third volume of “Twin Flame Poetry” by ISIS & OSIRIS. Their poems teach that many ideas about love are simply in our minds, and very limiting. Isis and Osiris show how to let go of those limits and understand what love really means and what the essence of that powerful emotion is. Readers will be able to leave their everyday world behind, dive into an ocean of moving and inspiring poetry, and then come back to the surface as new people.

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