Stay On The Cutting Edge of Fashion With BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear

The streetwear industry is a cutthroat industry with millions of fans. Here to put their hat in the ring is BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear, a new name in quality clothing that can be enjoyed by all.

Streetwear is an interesting case in the fashion world. The almost minimalist aesthetic that many popular brands use seems like it would not generate much buzz. And yet millions of people around the world flock to pop up shops, brick and mortar shops, and online retailers in the hope of grabbing the hottest new drop before it sells out. With streetwear solidified as a major player and money maker in the fashion world, many new streetwear brands have popped up. While some of these amateur brands often manage to hit the design element of streetwear well enough, the quality of many small streetwear brands’ clothing is spotty.

Some manufacturers seem to put love and care into the clothing they create, which is reflected in clothing with excellent stitching, material, and sizing. However, many other brands cast aside quality in the hopes of making a quick buck, and an unfortunate trend that has saturated the streetwear market with shoddy merchandise. Here to help bring high-quality clothing to streetwear enthusiasts is BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear, a new name in streetwear that promises to provide both quality and style.


BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear is the creation of a team of young streetwear enthusiasts that wanted to create high-quality clothing they would want to wear. The resulting clothing line blends high-quality craftsmanship and the low profile, stylish aesthetic popular in the world of streetwear. These articles of clothing range from sweatshirts to hats, with different styles available for men and women. Each piece of BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear is created from high quality, durable fabrics that ensure that the wearer gets the most out of their purchase. This durability, when combined with the aesthetically pleasing designs available, makes BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear a wise investment for streetwear fans that are tired of constantly replacing their worn out clothes.

With preliminary designs and prototyping completed, BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear has only one final roadblock to surpass: funding. Manufacturing a line of high-quality clothing items is a cost prohibitive process, especially when the items must be carefully created to comply with the high standards of quality expected of the product. Additionally, BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear needs funding to create a website and advertise to potential customers. To secure the funding necessary to solve these problems, BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear has turned to Kickstarter in the hopes that streetwear fans will see the quality of their products and assist them. With reader support, BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear can continue to build momentum until it becomes mainstream, allowing millions to enjoy their comfortable and stylish clothing.

For more information, visit the BeBetterThanOthers Streetwear Kickstarter page.

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