Zyrobotics Launches Another Incredible Educational Game to Teach Kids About Coding

Award-winning edtech company is training the future generation of coders with its startling solutions

Atlanta, GA, USA – May 17, 2017 – Zyrobotics has announced the launch of their new edtech game called ‘Tommy the Turtle – Learn to Code.’ The new game will teach children about the basics of coding with simple commands, sequences and loops. Moreover, the free game is without any ads and is available for both Android and iOS platforms. According to the company’s CEO Dr. MacCalla, the game is an innovative way of helping kids of all abilities develop problem solving and computational thinking skills.

“‘Tommy the Turtle – Learn to code’ is another accessible, interactive, educational game to help young children learn the basics of coding,” said Dr. J MacCalla, the CEO of Zyrobotics. “With funding from a SBIR grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF), we are able to continue designing STEM learning tools for kids of all ages and abilities,” she added. With a shining career of over three decades, Dr. MacCalla holds degrees from Brown University, Stanford University and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California.

In addition, the game also features an amazing challenge mode where children can test their coding abilities by solving Tommy the Turtle challenges. The game has no advertisements and is free of annoying in-app purchases as well to ensure that the kids are not distracted. It will not only enhance the problem solving skills of children, but will also develop their interest in coding from a very early age. According to Dr. MacCalla, even preschool and kindergarten kids can learn coding with this game and can grow up to become the future Bill Gates or Grace Hopper.

About Zyrobotics

Zyrobotics LLC, an award-winning creator of educational technologies for children, was founded in 2013 as an inclusive technology company. We address the diverse needs of children by developing personalized technologies to make a difference in the lives of children between the ages of 3- to 12-years old. Our mission is to enable freedom through technology by developing products that are adapted to each child’s capabilities and focus on promoting the stimulation of social, cognitive, and motor skills development in a child.

To download the game for iOS, please visit: www.itunes.apple.com/us/app/tommy-the-turtle-learn-to-code/id1227214268

To download the game for Android, please visit: www.play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Zyrobotics.TommyTurtle

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