Aussie Stock App Launches to Reshape Australian Stock Market

Developed by a stock market expert, the App comes with a free trial for the entire first month

May 17, 2017 – Inspiring developer and stock market expert, Carol Hargreaves has announced that she is developing an Aussie Stock App for the beginner traders. The stock app focuses on rating stocks on their financial health on a scale of 1-10 and rating stocks on the likelihood of their stock price going up on a scale of 1-10. The app is absolutely free for the first month and Carol is welcoming everyone to download it.

Carol has an inspiring story behind the creation and development of this great app that will teach investors everything about the ongoing trends of the stock market. The woman who knew nothing about technology or software development just five years ago has now created an amazing app that will deeply impact the financial markets worldwide.

“I enjoy challenges and selecting which stocks to buy is challenging as there is a large amount of uncertainty in the stock market,” said Carol Hargreaves, the developer of the Aussie Stock App. “I have a passion for stock trading as well as analytics, so even though stock trading is challenging, I still enjoy it.” she added. The founder has a profound knowledge of statistics and analysis of the Australian stock market and has combined both passions to create this remarkable invention of the 21st century.

In the modern era, everything is driven by technology and in the technological arena, everything is shifting from computers to smartphones. There Aussie Stock App launch has been perfectly timed to match with the pace of the evolving stock market and shifting technological trends of the time. The stock trading system in the app uses sophisticated statistical techniques to identify the trends and patterns in the stock data which indicate which stocks are likely to go up in price. Moreover, the app also uses machine learning techniques to identify which stocks are financially healthy.

According to Carol, her primary goal is to help beginner stock traders to make informed decisions when selecting stocks. This is the most important part in any beginners’ career and  the app will be critical to enhance the market know-how of the starters and will give them a quick shortcut to their success at the tips of their fingers.

For those who are interested in the Aussie Stock App, it is free to begin with. However, after the first month of free use, there are optional in-app payments for the Stock Financial Health Ratings (scale 1-10) and the Stock Rating for the stock price likely to go up (scale 1-10).

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