The New Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray™

May 17th, 2017 – London, United Kingdom – With the new THYMOS’s Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray™, THYMOS® has redefined and pioneered a solution to improve immunity by keeping away Sinus/Nasal allergies and Irritated Nose allergies induced by pathogens all day long.

With groundbreaking Self-Sanitising™ Technology, the spray delivers 12hours of lasting performance, underlining its mission to bring together all new Allergies-Free pleasure and comfort the entire day. The Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies SprayTM, adding to the OTC line-up, sees the brand presenting a raft of innovations unmatched by any of its rivals. 

Nasal Allergies is a major health problem. It afflicts more than 50 million people worldwide with the number of cases increasing by a shocking 5% every year. Billions of dollars are spent each year on over-the-counter medications. If one has nasal allergies, one may be used to sneezing and congestion that lasts the entire day or the entire season. But one doesn’t have to just put up with it. With the introduction of THYMOS’s Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray, it might just be the perfect news.

“Prescription drugs help relief from allergies temporary, but THYMOS wants to eliminate the root of allergen and end your allergies induced by pathogens for good” says co-founder and managing director James CS Tan. “The primary objective in the development of the new Anti-Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray was to create a vision of prevention is better than cure and a better lifestyle without drugs. At THYMOS, we believe the future can be pathogens-free and are taking one step at a time in developing innovative products with the most advanced Self-Sanitising Technology™ toward our new future.”

Nasal Allergies are Environment Matters, Not Your Nose.

Most people suffer with seasonal nasal allergies for years with excessive use of drugs and allergies recurrent when treatment stops. Using drugs on nasal will not cure allergies because the major cause of allergies are environmental matters induced by Pathogens, Pollens and Dust Mites.

In THYMOS’s eyes, dealing with the root of the allergens is the ultimate effective ways to reenergise your life and keep allergies at bay. THYMOS has been clinically proven and laboratory tested to effectively reduce allergies induced by pathogens by killing 99.999% of Aspergillus, Candida, MRSA, Influenza A Virus, MERS-CoV, Fungus and Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens – all within a portable, pocket-sized bottle fit for all kinds of users.

Key features:

Sprays on pillow/bolster before bed to wake upwithout nasal allergies.

Wear it like perfume to boost antibodies andfence off pollens.

Spray on the air when encountering allergiesto instantly kills 99.999% Pathogens around.

One Spray; 12hours Protection.

The Revolution: Self-Sanitising Technology™

THYMOS’s Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies strictly contains no alcohol, fragrance or toxic chemicals. Breaking the norm to fight harmful pathogens using only Activated Minerals, it is 100,000x smaller than human hair. THYMOS’ Self-Sanitising technology generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, colourless, odourless shield on treated surfaces and instantly weakens the pathogens’ organic membrane; stops its replication and ultimately causes pathogens’ cell death while ensuring safe skin contact for users – from toddlers to adults.

In addition, feel fresh and reenergise your life as the Self-Sanitising Technology releases Anions to combat airborne pollens and supercharges immunity to keep away allergies.

The Success

THYMOS has been used across nations for thorough shield-sanitization treatments in healthcare and hospital facilities and received overwhelming interest in its technology to be made for everyday use. “THYMOS has successfully shipped to 29Countries, 103Cities since the launch of its first OTC up — The GadgetCareTM on 15th December 2016” THYMOS’s representative reported at the press event.

“THYMOS is visionary and supremely ambitious. Our vision inspires optimism and hope,” says the co-founder. “With advanced technology, we could enhance the quality of health and save the environment for our future generations, without a change in your lifestyle.”

The THYMOS Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray is currently available for purchase

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THYMOS Limited is a leading healthcare pioneer brand that prides in solving your everyday hygiene through the world’s first revolutionary self-sanitizing technology. Since 2013, the company has progressively innovated and developed medical grade solution that sanitizes automatically, without a change in your lifestyle. THYMOS self-sanitizing technology has been widely used over the years by global healthcare facilities – hospitals, clinics, pharmacies to everyday tourist’s hotspots.

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