Gears Store Introduces the All-New and Powerful Herb Grinder

Product offers the finest grinding made possible by high-quality features that guarantee great taste

To enjoy herbs and weeds it is important to invest in a herb grinder that will preserve flavor and reduce exposing to oxygen. Gears Store is proud to announce the release of their all-new and all-powerful herb grinder. The weed grinder offers the right mechanism for fine cutting herbs, which is much more economical and efficient than manual punching. The product comes with many high-quality features including superb sharp tooth, high-grade aluminum, CNC machining, convenient magnet and scrapper that makes clean up simple. It also comes with 100-Micron mesh screen, made entirely of stainless steel, and very useful in separating fine pollen from the herb.

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“People on the lookout for a formidable grinding machine should look no further. This product offers the highest degree of durability without little shaving. We present to you a high-quality product with acrylic grinders made without zinc or plastic, and a super sharp set of tooth with smallest possible internal distance allowing fastest and easiest grinding of dense herbs and spices. We encourage all lovers of herbs, weeds, tobacco and marijuana to try our product and see the uniqueness of our approach,” said a representative of Gear Store.

This grinder is famous and trusted by millions of consumers as the best weed grinder for many exciting reasons. It comes with a magnet, which significantly improves the overall convenience as it holds the lid and top chamber together for quick fitting while allowing free motion of the grinding parts. Scrapper allows the easiest cleanup of the chamber, adding extra value to the Gear Store tobacco grinder. There is also the 100-Micron grade mesh screen made from stainless steel that lets the machine separate fine pollen particles from the herbs making the product highly smooth.

“The machining of this product is awesome. I like the fact that there is no zinc or plastic in the manufacturing of the product, haven made entirely of aluminum, which is why I think it was able to perform so well. I used this as my personal marijuana grinder to reduce the exposure to oxygen. The result has been great, as it burns less before I inhale and it increases airflow,” said Jack T, a customer.

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