New Project, NEedless PAin, Now Live – Homelessness and Domestic Violence Awareness

NEedless PAin – A project created by a disabled mother to raise awareness – was released on May 14, 2017, and is now live on Disabled from the hit-and-run accident on November 29, 2015, Viora Mayobo now spends most of her days writing about the hardships of navigating through life’s clutter. Before her 11-year marriage buckled under its own weight in 2011, she had a decent life, one she abandoned because of domestic violence.  

“For the first time, I was homeless with my children,” she says. “Homelessness became the most tumultuous journey I have traveled in this one lifetime. Knowing what Alvin said, always, not to take his boys when I leave, I wasn’t taking any chances. I have seen what happens to women who take those threats lightly – they end up dead, most likely … their innocent children too,” she added.

She went as far away from Georgia as she possibly could and cut off all forms of communication from her ex thus. “It became ‘Survival of the fittest’ from this point on. You go airborne when you become homeless – you cease to exist. It’s almost as if you are expelled from existence! Very quickly … you learn to survive on nothing but thought,” she continued.”

On December 14, 2014, she was finally ready to return to normal life, after drifting from one homeless shelter to the next for four years, in search of life. It’s fair to assume the system utilized at present time is one with too many loose ends. You can enter the world pool blindfolded, a catastrophe waiting to happen. And that’s what happened to her. Soon after leaving the Midnight Mission in Inglewood, CA, she relocated to Everett, WA … and was fortunate enough to acquire a job with minimal effort, a short-lived victory. On November 29, 2015, as she drove home from work, she was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a drunk driver, in which she sustained life-threatening injuries: a broken: forehead, left leg, bottom jaw, a fractured pelvis and severely damaged nerves in her right eye. To date that driver has not been found. She’s left alone to pick up the bits together, which means more struggle, more bills, more pain. What’s worse, her sons’ father can go free – without paying child support! It’s near impossible to fit those ends together when they are so far apart … and the politics behind these hot-button issues (homelessness and domestic violence) don’t make things any easier. It’s impossible to get your genuine and sincere point across.

Knowing now that she has work cut out for her, she wakes up early morning, daily, through her pain, to write. Money being the prime motivator, you need a name recognition to succeed in anything. Even without one wildly recognized name attached to her products, many will find her story hard to ignore; it touches at the very concept of human decency. NEedless PAin!

WE have before us an epidemic of homelessness involving women and their children. This kind of embarrassment must not happen in America – one of the most civilized countries on the face of the earth. Homelessness speaks to a lack of dignity among humans, it’s each one for himself. “I know what I know about being without a place to call home … and it isn’t pretty. Your self-esteem is first to depart, the rest follow, and you are left to harbor an empty shell, she reiterated.” NEedless PAin!

If you’d like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Viora Mayobo, give her a call at (425) 212-9747 email her at  (425) 212-9747 Cell: (425) 496-3962.

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