Architects of Change Welcomes Ms. America 2017 Oksana Vovk

May 17, 2017 – Los Angeles, California – Ms. America 2017 Oksana Vovk was a VIP guest at the Architects of Change: Conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis and Maria Shriver, focusing on women and careers, activism, wisdom and children’s storybooks.

“I was so excited about this appearance and meeting two great women and humanitarians in person”, Vovk said shortly after the event. “I grew up watching movies with Jamie Lee Curtis and she is now one of Hollywood’s most notable Architects of Change. I also love what Maria Shriver, California’s former First Lady, does for her cause to fight the Alzheimer’s disease”.

Vovk, who won Ms. America 2017 competition in September of last year, is dedicated to her platform to fight autism and promote organic living. Ms. America Pageant is open to women 26 years of age and up, single, divorced, widowed or married, with or without children. For more information about the Ms. America® Pageant please visit Pageant’s official website at: The Ms. America ® Pageant is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO in Washington DC since February 2000 and ranks as one of the top pageant trademarks in the United States.

“I enjoyed learning about Jamie’s vision behind her new book “This Is Me”, which focuses on such important topics like immigration and finding your true identity”, Vovk continued. “The book could come across as a bit too mature for a child, but I think Jamie’s goal was to touch upon the topic in a warm, good and meaningful way that teaches you what is truly important regardless of your physical destination. I will enjoy my copy of the book signed by Jamie.”

In the photo with actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

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