Brownell Systems INC Leads the Ways with Expert Boat Transport Services

Mattapoisett – Brownell Systems INC,, is a family run boat transportation  business and that has been operating for over 60 years. They specialize in boat haul, launch and transport, heavy vessel handling, and work on customized projects that require specialized handling to move their customers’ oversized and heavy objects.

Brownell Systems INC started their service in 1954 when they invented both the hydraulic trailer and adjustable boat stand, and are now regarded as an industry leader in hydraulic boat hauling. This process ensures a safe and efficient boat haul, all with a team of very skilled boat handlers who treat each boat as if it were their own. Their specialized, air-ride hydraulic trailers can ramp haul and launch boats with drafts up to 8’, fine keels, twin keels, centreboards, and wing keels, offering the customer a variety of options. Other services that they also offer are self-loading and unloading in boat yards, delivery to residential properties, and overland transport, depending on the customers’ needs. Boat transport, sailboat transport, boat haul and launch are all available to the individual, boat yards, marinas, and yacht clubs, from Maine to Florida.

They also work on heavy vessel moving, which includes special handling of yachts and commercial vessels from 175’ to 200 tons. With 50, 100, and 200-ton trailers, they can haul, launch, and move large vessels to and from boat ramps. They caneven move them into and out of buildings with ease. Their other services include rollovers, keel to hull joining, and large mast handling.

Do-it-Yourself boat storage is also another route they provide assistance with. This helps both the boat owner and crew uphold maintenance and control over their boat while bolstering a cohesive environment. The customer can do their own work, hire contractors to work directly for them, reduce and control costs, have access to electricity and water, and much more for an affordable monthly bill.

Lastly, Brownell Systems INC also works on speciality projects. Thanks to the flexibility of their equipment, they can offer self-loading and unloading, water submersion, and oversize and heavy movement, all for clients that have specialized requests. Recognizing this, Brownell Systems INC truly has gone above and beyond, having completed projects which include the movement of objects like trains, tanks, large masts, barges, floats, and much more. Ultimately, they’re leading the way thanks toboth their expert boat transport and all the bespoke services they offer.

Media Contact
Company Name: Brownell Systems INC
Contact Person: Cindy
Phone: 508-758-3774
Address:7 Industrial Drive
City: Mattapoisett
State: MA 2739
Country: United States