Corporates started to use Virtual Reality in Middle East

Natasha Floksy, CEO of Cerevrum Inc

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain – Virtual Reality based training is going to take over conventional methods, by creating an immersive, near to real life environment, and promoting learn by doing method.
The future belongs to the tech-savvy companies. Carrying the world in their pockets, the managers can train their employees of how people around the globe are working in a better way. The mentees can be taken on virtual tours where they think, comprehend and act in a simulated workplace. Also, organizations can arrange virtual meetings saving time and cost of venue and travel. This is especially helpful in the sectors like Corporate, Banking, Security, Construction, Industry, Aviation, Telecommunication, Energy, Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Education where decisions depend on situations.

The places which are hard to emulate in closed rooms can be duplicated via the VR. Big industries and High Risk Construction can find an alternative in VR where environment and situations can be designed to create various situations for Training purposes.
Because of the feared danger or economic constraints, it might be challenging to arrange physical training in the Armed Forces, Security Forces, Firefighters – again, VR is the savior.

When the training material is available digitally, the cost of forwarding it to new bunch of fresher is marginal. Atop, a VR based learning is more about fun along with improving the learning experience.
The energy saving and the cost cutting in building individual training modules are some other lucrative pros of the digital skill development procedures.

This training method ensures that the revenue per person increases by 26%. Thus, such a method which decreases the instruction time and is easier to comprehend must be leveraged.

In an attempt to accentuate the employee skill development, Cerevrum Inc. – a Russia based VR company and one of the market leader committed to revolutionizing learning along with Munfarid Consulting – a multifunctional Learning & Development company working to accelerate the next generation workforce. SkillHub platform enables companies to become greater. Whether it is in product demonstration or improvement of service quality. Virtual reality can really nourish a Middle Eastern strive for perfection and exceptionalism and take it to the next level, said Natasha Floksy, CEO of Cerevrum during the partnership signing event. SkillHub is going to revolutionize the multi environment learning through virtual reality in various sectors in Middle East, particularly Aviation, Real Estate, and Telecommunication expressed Dr. Sana Farid, CEO of Munfarid Consulting. SkillHub is a tool for companies to train, manage and evaluate soft skills of their staff using risk-free realistic VR simulations, said KsaniaKozhina the PR Director for Cerevrum at Saint Petersburg.
About Cerevrum:

Cerevrum Inc. is a cutting-edge company which is blending virtual reality (VR) with the field of education and training. It has been developing both B2C and B2B products. Skill Hub VR is a unique tool for companies to train, manage and evaluate soft skills of their staff using risk-free realistic VR simulations. Training soft skills is hard and costly as it is only efficient when practiced in situations as close to real-life as possible. VR can dramatically boost the efficiency of the training process due to its immersion effect. By recreating real-world scenarios in VR, companies can improve employee engagement and concentration while practicing. Skill Hub VR is a software product that can efficiently improve corporate soft skills training and take it to the next level.
About Munfarid:

Munfarid Consulting is an educational consultancy firm helping to improve education through technology aided learning & development programs. Working with governments and educational institutes to implement the future school initiatives.

The company cultivates learning through technology aided idea and innovation. The Co-Founder of the company, Dr. Sana Farid believes the firms that invest in their employees enjoy the best revenues and develop an unstoppable momentum.

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