Connectwerks.Com Receives $400,000 Private Funding Investment

NEW YORK CITY – 18 May, 2017 – Connectwerks.Com, the world’s first virtual mentoring (V-Mentoring) private cloud site platform for personal and professional enrichment, received funding investment from another private angel investor on May 17, 2017. The new funding will allow Connectwerks.Com to expand it’s go-to-market sales incentives across multiple industry verticals; acquire the best career candidates for sales to increase net new licensing revenue and solution user adoption.

Connectwerks.Com inspire Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials to align their academics to their career pathway and subsequently is where talent, opportunity, and ambition drive life-transitions. The Connectwerks brand has been in existence since 2009 however, since officially launching in October 2016, Connectwerks.Com has provided more than 1.2 million users worldwide access to virtual mentorship, career building skills, and career aspiration alignment.

Connectwerks.Com prepare people for success in a rapid and ever changing global world. Connectwerks.Com encourage individuals to connect with a purpose and passion to engage in self-learning that is relevant to their lives and allows them to master new skills daily.

Individuals, corporations, agencies, students, and organizations join to be a part of an inspirational movement! We provide the software that run your inspiration.

Johnathan Brice, Deputy Assistant Secretary US Department of Education

Mr. James Blanton, CMO of Connectwerks.Com said, “We want to serve as a beacon of inspiration to empower individuals as self-sufficient shareholders to follow their life’s passion. The world is a conglomerate of expertise, knowledge, data, and inspiration that can play an integral role in your everyday personal and professional development. Our V-Mentoring cloud platform site app allow you to build a network of individuals that can help guide you academically and professionally. Worry less about what you want to be and focus more on what you want to do.” 

The Connectwerks.Com private cloud site application prepare people for success in a global competitive world. People should be engaged in learning or work that is relevant to their passion. We bring people of all varying backgrounds together to share and discuss compelling life events, emerging technologies, and soft-skill building that can be universally beneficial to anyone. Virtually headquarters in Manhattan, New York. Connectwerks.Com is a true virtual company with all employees virtual, with no traditional building or tenant requirement.

To join Connectwerks.Com visit www.Connectwerks.Com

For phone contact (917) 420-3774 or email

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