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Bristol, BRS – The clean-cut look was ruling male fashion trends for the longest time, but it gave way quickly in the last couple years to a grittier style. Although pronounced a dying trend in 2017 by some, the beard trend is still very much alive and well. It is a popular style that allows men to accessorize past just a wristwatch. This season beards continue to stylishly thrive and more variations of jawline grooming continue to appear. Straight edge razors are slowly making their comeback and along with them, crazy clean edges and fades enter the facial zone. With so many different options available and the market for beard products following suit, many men are never sure on where to turn for the best advice. Major Beard has created a centred hub for beard related resources to fill this need and provide a more efficient way to find the most quality products.

GQ magazine has emphasized the appeal of beards for the past few seasons, noting that they provide a rough, bad-boy, prince charming appeal that women continue to love. The clean-cut boy has no rule in this realm it seems. Although it is dismissed as a hipster fad, older generations, and many other demographics are enjoying the nitty gritty of grooming, also known as “manscaping”. Just like makeup and other facial grooming products though, the market is inundated with overly advertised do-it-all wonder blades, beard scissors, and even run of the mill advice for trimming. Major Beard has gained popularity quickly as they provide a nearly infinitely scrolling home page for incredible resources including mistakes to avoid, how to trim and the greatest trimmers, the best beard oils, trustworthy razor reviews, and even myth busters.

Further than the other resources that Major Beard offers, they also do their best to bring thorough, quality reviews to help viewers find what really works for them. Grooming is not a one size fits all act, especially since it is in on a sensitive region of the body. Skin may be affected during grooming and the use of grooming products like beard oils. The company even provides history lessons and lots of general information on both beards in general and the act of shaving for any new guys just getting started. This review and information hub for the modern man interested in starting or maintaining their killer beard is a superior way to sift through information and stick to the greatest techniques and products.

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