Colombia’s Chefs Among the Best in the World

“Cesar Castro is one of the highest paid chefs in Colombia”
By: Matt Rodriguez

Miami, FL – Colombia’s culinary scene is making its mark in Europe’s most important pastry and baking showcases. In the last three year Colombian’s have consistently ranked among the top three chefs in several competitions including World Cup of Sugar Arts and National Championship of Cuisine and Pastry.

In addition to the competitive success of these pastry chefs they have uplifted to profession among to become one of the most lucrative careers. The Association of Colombian Chefs has released the salaries of the best paid pastry and culinary chefs.

They released earnings information in an effort to encourage more students to become chefs and take advantage of the success Colombian cuisines and pastry art is having on the industry globally.

The highest paid chefs include (figures in Colombian Pesos):

Franklin Wilches – $791,430,121

Alersi Rodríguez – $123,943,200

John Fredy Moreno – $722,024,732

Julio Mojica – $669,386,791

Yohn Pineros Sandoval – $813,508,155

Cesar Castro – $612,044,394

The Association of Colombian Chefs says that many of their top members have recently opened operations in the United States and want more Colombians to consider culinary arts as a viable opportunity for a lucrative career. 

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