The Pi-Group Garners $200,000,000 from Matrix for its New AR Business in Series B financing Round

According to the latest report, π Group has received a second capital injection of $200,000,000 from Matrix Venture Capital Management limited. In 2015, the funder first invested $30,000,000 in π Group for the establishment of a multi-entertainment ecosystem covering games, finance, films, entertainment, sports and adult VR.

Nowadays AR (Augmented Reality) has become one of the hottest investment trends. The AR/VR market is estimated to reach $150,000,000,000 in 2020 with the former taking the major market shares. π Group has started its AR business since last year and is now leading the world in this area. Thus the senior managers of Matrix decided to invest another $200,000,000 for π Group to further research and develop AR and expand its global market.

AR is one of the latest innovations that can fully cater to human desires for thrills and excitement, and enable people to realize their real dreams in the virtual world. A π Group manager in charge of the AR project mentioned in an interview that, by combining AR with AI technologies like real scene recognition, they can build a new business to overturn the current models.

The idea to combine AR with AI is of great market potentials. Just like the new AR business of π Group, all the goods are existing before the customers as if they were real, users will have the chance to experience them in all-round ways. In the era of Internet, we advocate further the idea of new retail to provide the best customer experience, namely to apply AR in the marketing process and deliver virtual goods to the customers.

Apart from a deeper investment in the new retail, π Group is also expanding its layout in other areas like real estate, and to be sure, AR will also be applied in these areas. π World as a product of the π Group can visualize different house types for its users with AR technology. This new AR marketing model will push the overall industrial upgrading in its marketing model.

Some sources say that π Group will derive out more extensive AR applications and experience in areas including payment, finance, social life, entertainment, shopping, traveling, car selecting, cultural education and consumption, etc. What the Internet has changed is not the product itself, but the way people sell it. With its new experience, the AR business is expected to become the next rule changer in the Internet era.

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