The RevSci PolyPro Water Bath Joins the IoT Movement with WiFi Capability

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 18 May, 2017 – Life science and biotech laboratories are becoming more connected and Revolutionary Science has joined the movement with the introduction of their new WiFi controlled water baths. Devices with internet and WiFi connectivity are making a huge impact on businesses and individual consumers alike. McKinsey Global Institute estimates the IoT will have a value anywhere from $4 trillion to $11 trillion dollars by the year 2025. McKinsey expects the IoT to have the biggest affect on the manufacturing and operations sector, but one overlooked area the IoT will have huge implications on is the life science and biotech field, particularly with water baths, like the Revolutionary Science Poly Pro Water Bath.

The new RS-PB-150 has the ability to be monitored over Wi-Fi. Sensitive samples incubated in a water bath can be monitored and controlled over a WiFi connection. The user can be alerted remotely if a temperature error or power outage occurs. Data logging can be performed online and the temperature settings and profiles can be controlled by simply accessing the water bath’s individual secure website from a computer or phone.

The compact 5 liter bath is complete with a digital display and also has a sister product, the dual chamber WiFi water bath RS-PB-250. These WiFi controlled water baths are available through Revolutionary Science, an American manufacturer of life science and biotech laboratory equipment. They are a welcome addition to a wide array of water bath and temperature control products, that Revolutionary Science offers.

In addition, the Poly Pro baths are constructed of polypropylene. The most common frustration surrounding water baths is sample contamination. It is imperative that a water bath remain clean. “It is intended to provide a clean, stable environment for incubation, heating, and thawing. But the warm, moist environment creates a perfect incubator for microbes [that cause contamination],” states Lab Manager Magazine in a recent article.

Contamination is too common in metal water baths. Most metal water baths can be very difficult to clean, due to pitting (from harsh class I deionized water) or scale build up (from the water being too dirty). Pitting and scaling create tiny porous alcoves for microbial contaminants to hide. The Revolutionary Science Poly ProBath eliminates this problem by constructing their bath out of rugged polymer instead of metal. The bath cannot pit and tough scale build up is wiped off with a damp towel. Therefore there is no place for the contaminants to survive.

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