Creators of Pinot Meow Cat Wine Introduce Fur Loco Pet Beverages

DENVER, CO – 18 May, 2017 – Have you ever enjoyed a cold drink while your dog or cat stares at you with endless jealousy? If so, Apollo Peak, the creators of The Pinot Meow and The CharDOGnay Cat Wine and Dog Wine have introduced a fun and unique beverage for your pet – designed to have the effect you may expect of a concentrated brew.

Enter, Fur Loco (Yes, a pun on the beverage that once stunned the nation with its high concentration of alcohol and caffeine). Introduced in four variations, the beverage is a mix of highly concentrated herbal remedies that have effects ranging from extreme playfulness in cats to a highly preferred relaxed state for dogs. “We spend every day looking for new and fun ways to socialize with our pets, and every once in a while, a light bulb illuminates in front of us, and this was the Fur Loco line,” says Brandon Zavala, Founder and CEO of Apollo Peak. “It’s a blend of natural ingredients poured into a super fun and unique package for those of us who truly appreciate crazy new products for our pets to enjoy.”

The Fur Loco line is the first introduction from Apollo Peak outside of its highly-acclaimed Cat Wines and Dog Wines that hit the market in 2015 and 2016. Anticipated to go over very well with the growing generation of millennial pet owners, Fur Loco is as funny to say as it is to pour for your pet. So next time you are socializing with friends, be sure to surprise them with a glass of Fur Loco for their dog or cat.

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