Beautiful Moissanite Engagement Rings for Couples Available At Affordable Prices with BBBGEM Jewelry

For couples who cannot afford a diamond, BBBGEM Jewelry brings an exclusive collection of moissanite engagement rings that are not inferior to diamond rings in looks.

Moissanite is a rare mineral. This naturally occurring silicon carbide could be a flawless diamond substitute with its high refractive index. The mineral was discovered in the late eighteenth century and since then it has been used in different jewelries. BBBGEM brings an exquisite moissanite jewelry collection that can appeal to everyone.

The jewelry company announces moissanite engagement rings available in attractive styles that can be ideal for marrying couples to strengthen their relationship and exchange vows. They have rings with 0.5 carat, 1 carat, 1.5 carat etc moissanite gems. These rings are made of 14k white gold, 14k rose gold and other materials. One can choose from different moissanite shapes that are used as an embellishment in these rings. The jewelry company has moissanite rings in different sizes and one can get the perfect fit for their engagement.

Beautiful Moissanite Engagement Rings for Couples Available At Affordable Prices with BBBGEM Jewelry

They have 14k rose gold moissanite ring that is precious and stylish. The handmade ring is designed meticulously with 0.5 carat moissanite gem. The spokesperson of the jewelry company reveals that this ring is very popular among marrying couples for its attractive appearance. According to him, the diamond can be upgraded and the ring can also be resized according to the demand of the customer. The round cut natural and clear moissanite gem adds to the beauty of the ring, and which could be a perfect engagement ring for couples.

BBBGEM is also offering moissanite wedding sets, available in a wide range of designs. These weeding sets have bridal rings with matching bands and contain moissanite gem as an embellishment. With two or more rings stacked together, the band gets a unique look. The matching band is available in the form of a curved loop infinity band. The company spokesperson reveals that they can customize the design as per the customer’s choice. One can send them the images of the design, and the company will customize the moissanite wedding set.

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BBBGEM is a jewelry company, specializing in custom jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, morganite rings, moissanite rings, aquamarine rings, diamond wedding bands and other jewelries for more than 15 years. Every jewelry piece at BBBGEM is handmade by them. They have the goal of three Bs: Best Quality, Best Design, and Best Price.

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