The King of Vape Opens 4th Store in Fort Myers!

Florida, USA – May 19th, 2017 – The King of Vape has announced that they just opened a new store at S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers. This Online Store offers low prices for 100% genuine vaping products like e cigarettes, e juices, and much more.

The King of Vape is a renowned vape store and has 4 locations in Florida with a huge supply of products. As one of the leading vape retailers, we offer a broad scope of vape kits & much more accessories, all carefully selected by dedicated vapers for vapers.

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There is good news today with the announcement that a new store got opened at Fort Myers. This news will come as a welcomed relief to like-minded individuals with a love for vaping and a desire to try new things. The King of Vape was born out of a desire to deliver the very best, authentic vaping products, straight to your door and we can guarantee our service to be the best.

Kenneth Ramclam, one of the founding partners, explained: “The King of Vape was created to be at the forefront of innovation, technology, and supply of the highest quality vaping products and this is the leading edge of everything we do. Opening our fourth store in Florida sees the brand showing qualities unmatched by any of its rivals.” He said “we are excited to launch a new store at Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers. As our company name, we want to offer the king of all vapes.”

Kenneth further explained “having worked in the industry for many years I’ve seen many trends and changes and what has become very apparent is that all vape lovers would want to get our vape mod kits, e juice and accessories.

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At The King of Vape, we’ve made it our mission to bring you the best e-liquids and vaping equipment on the planet. In our vape stores, we have e-cigarettes, vaping kits, and vape mod kits for the advanced vapers as well as those just starting off.

We intend to provide an amazing experience to the vaping community.

The King of Vape’s Store at Fort Myers is currently available for business now.

To find out more and to place orders please visit the website at:

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Company Name: The King of Vape
Contact Person: Kenneth Ramclam
Phone: +1(800) 316-1893
State: Florida
Country: United States