Marcel Duchamp – The Enigma of the Urinal

“Marcel Duchamp” by Peter Maaswinkel
Readers who ever wondered about the origins of an unusual piece of art will find some answers in Peter Maaswinkel’s book “Marcel Duchamp”.

You don’t quite think of urinals as pieces of arts, but on April 9th, 1917, a urinal was delivered as an art work to the First Annual Exhibition of the Independents in New York. The title of this item was the Fountain. The signature on it read R. Mutt, but it soon became clear that it was only a pseudonym.

For a long time – but about 20 years after the piece of art has been revealed – the authorship of this work was attributed to Marcel Duchamp. But over time, his authorship got questioned; the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven was cited as possible author. Essentially binary discussions followed, to which this book opposes a systematic approach in seven theses.

Far from claiming to provide final answers, “Marcel Duchamp” by Peter Maaswinkel gathers elements that could potentially lead to a broader research plan. The intelligent book about an unsual and mysterious piece of art will provoke the readers and make them ask their own questions. The text is presented in English as well as French.

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