Pixo Blaster – A Powerful Video Spokesperson Creator Software Has Been Released

If you are doing video marketing, you know there are lots of video types that convert such as doodle videos, slideshow or whiteboard videos. But there is one special type of video that converts better than the rest. It is a real human spokesperson video.

However, the problem is that hiring a pro spokesperson will cost marketers a lot of money. Understanding the situation, the guys from Pixo Blaster have found an easier and much cheaper solution to help marketers get professional spokespersons for their videos.

Pixo Blaster is a powerful video spokesperson creator app that allows users to transform any old and tedious video into a lead generating machine. According to the product’s creators, Pixo Blaster soft is one of the few must have video marketing software programs. Users will be enabled to insert the most crucial element of video marketing which is Real Human Interaction and encourage their visitors to take action.

The product allows users to choose from a vast collection of professional intros and outros videos that are proven to enhance retention rate, captivate their audience, and increase their conversions.

Moreover, the producers worked closely with the best spokespersons and copywriters to ensure that each intro will fit user’s needs and niche as well as boost their video marketing results.

The system also features over 40 niches. Some of the niches available in Pixo Blaster app are Affiliate, Amazon, Ads Conversion, CPA Software, Email Marketing, Fitness, Video Marketing, Review Videos, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Offline, Real Estate, Doctor, Wood Working, Financial, etc. The creators worked hard and did a lot of surveys to make sure that they have the best intro and outros for the most profitable niches.

All users need to do is follow the easy step-by-step process, and their video is completed. Pixo Blaster is a Windows software, so users can control everything they are adding inside it right from their desktop. For instance, users can automatically download videos from YouTube, add lower thirds to their videos, remove the green screen from the videos, auto add watermarks to their videos, as well as change the green screen with animated backgrounds.

Let’s have a look at some benefits that users can reap from Pixo Blaster software:

  • Make Their Videos Work: The software can turn any video into automated email lead generation machines, guaranteed to get users bigger conversions, more leads, and revenues.
  • Get Targeted Traffic: Marketer are able to get thousands of perfectly targeted traffic to their offers, in record time.
  • Make More Revenue: Users can convert up to 50% of their visitors into buyers, with no time, tools or extra work from their side.
  • Save Time and Money: It has become unnecessary for marketers to spend moneyon graphics designers, copywriters, video creation tools, etc.
  • Increase Customer Retention: Users are given the power to captivate their viewers and get higher retention rate.
  • Increase Engagement: The product also enables users to get their viewers to interact with them

All in all, the software facilitates the user to transform any video into a video masterpiece within a few minutes. By using Pixo Blaster app, there is no need for marketers to spend an enormous amount of money on spokesperson videos. They will not have to hire expensive copywriters, as well as wait for their videos to be delivered.

For more information, you could see Pixo Blaster soft review and discound.

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