UK Residents are capable of Conveniently Getting Vietnam Visa Stamped at the Airport Instead Of The Embassy

Vietnam Visa on Arrival
Upon the official approvement of Vietnam’s authority for applying for Vietnam e-visa, a government-registered firm called Greenvisa with the experience gaining from processing Vietnam visa on arrival for residents from over 190 nations have been established to ease the process for the UK citizen.

Starting on February 1st, 2017, foreign tourists can apply for electronic visas also known as e-visas, as a two-year plan overwhelmingly approved by Vietnam’s National Assembly. With the wide range of countries up to 190 plus, most citizen from other parts of the world can apply for 30 days, single entry –evisa under this policy.

Under that context, a Vietnam visa processing team with ten years experienced have together created website with the approval from the government to become a professional and reliable address for people across the world to earn a Visa On Arrival (VOA) to Vietnam.

Vietnam VOA or e-visa is created for people scheduling to travel or go on a business trip to Vietnam yet staying far from the Vietnam Embassy’s address or even live in a country that has no Vietnamese Embassy.

With this alternative option for obtaining Vietnam e-visa, tourists from the UK cannot use their original passport to arrive at Vietnam Immigration department but through a legitimate paper called Visa Approval Letter. GreenVisa will assist people with all processes with Vietnam Immigration Department. The letter of Approval can be sent to tourist smartphone and printed at Vietnam airport.

People can find more specific information of Vietnam Visa for UK Citizens at procedure take people through a four-step procedure:

It first need to have people to fill out an online form of their personal information together with the visa options preferred. Some crucial information required could be number of applicants, expectation of travel, type of visa, proposed time of visiting and arrival airport.

In the second phase, people will be proceeded to the payment option where they can pick to pay through Paypal, Mastercard or Visa Credit/ debit card. The unique element here is that Greenvisa team only charge for successful appliers.

Once the verification of successful payment is received, the visa approval letter then would be directly send to the Immigration Department and processed there. The processing time is about two operating days or two hours depend on the selection picking out in the first step. After the procedure is accomplished, one approval letter with red seal (in colored) will be scanned and delivered to visitor’s email. People should print it out since some airport would will need them.

In the final step, people who strive for Vietnam visa on arrival UK will receive their sealed visa once arriving at the chosen airport. Two 4x6cm colored photos and some cash (VND or USD) for the visa stamping fee should be prepared before being escorted to the VID Counter (Vietnam Immigration Department).

A legitimate visa is a requirement for any foreign citizen desiring to pay a visit to Vietnam regardless of which intentions they bear in mind. Visitor now can manage to choose to apply for visa by using the Vietnam Embassy or via Greenvisa for an alleviating process.

Applying visa in Embassy indicates that the visa stamps with red seal is stamped onto the passport prior to the flight and the execution can be done in the living country Embassy of Vietnam. Nonetheless, sometimes, the visa can be postponed, the visa charge is high and unstable, the passport holder must send or drive to the embassy for shipping the original passport as well as related document. Thus the visa process could take some extra time of applicants.

To say that does not mean e-visa is the greatest way of obtaining visa. Aside from some conveniences including not need certainly to send in the original passport, the process is on the internet and fast, convenient for far from embassy applicant and not need certainly to deal with immigration officers directly. People will find it disappointment over having other name’s information on their approval letter. Furthermore, they cannot apply for Visa Vietnam UK on their own and get in a line whose length depend on the number of tourist present there at the time, in the Visa Landing Counter at the international airport of Vietnam. However, tourist can always have a option of fast visa processing from Greenvisa company,

Based on the variety of options will have people on different price, but the price is affordable for an individual tourist or even a group of people coming to Vietnam. It is the ability to support people around the clock, the fast process and the money back guarantee that make Visa on arrival service from Greenvisa standing out from the crowd.

Concerned readers willing to find more details of Vietnam visa on arrival fast track service with Greenvisa, please click here.

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