Lawn Care in Stratford SD: Free Storm Damage Risk Analysis From Matt’s Tree Service

South Dakota’s #1 tree trimming and lawn care service offers a limited time assessment to help homeowners avoid costly damages.

STRATFORD, SD – 20 May, 2017 – Matt’s Tree Service, one of the local mainstays for lawn care and tree trimming, has announced a special offer to assess storm damage risks to your property at no cost from now until July 4, 2017. These analyses help homeowners minimize or eliminate risks to their roof and windows during major windstorms by earmarking branches or entire trees that should be removed.

“Storm damages can be devastating for homeowners,” explained Matt Swearingen, owner and operator of Matt’s Tree Service. “Fallen trees and branches can cause major property losses and, in worst cases, even bodily injury if the storm blows down a large trunk while a family is at home. These damages are sudden, major expenses that can be avoided by taking advantage of our free risk analysis.”

While most homeowner’s insurance policies have clauses that cover these types of damages, the process that is involved after a fallen tree or branch strikes a home can be a major hassle. The first step would be having an insurance adjuster assess the damages, then waiting for the payment from the company before having the necessary repairs scheduled and completed. This process can take up valuable time and cause families a great deal of discomfort in the interim.

“We decided to offer our free storm damage risk assessment services to help our community avoid problems and inconvenience. Preventative maintenance services are invaluable and save local homeowners time and money in the long run,” said Swearingen. “Oftentimes during storm season, we receive emergency calls from people here in Stratford to remove large branches or fallen tree trunks from their property and we see the devastation and aftermath that is caused. It is our home to help our community avoid such losses and not become collateral damage during a storm.”

Tree trimming and stump removal are the mainstays of this highly specialized lawn care team. Matt’s Tree Service has been called upon even by other local lawn care professionals and tree trimming services due to their equipment and experience with large stumps and/or trees that require removal and their willingness to take on even the toughest jobs. They are well known to serve the Stratford community year-round with snow removal, tree trimming, stump removal and other lawn care services.

“Our goal is to be the best at what we do,” said Swearingen. “Our equipment is top of the line and highly specialized to be able to tackle any tree trimming job. We have a new 70 foot lift that boasts 46 feet of total side reach and is maneuverable enough to fit through a 36 inch gate. So no matter what potential threat a homeowner’s free assessment turns up, our team is fully equipped to remedy the problem before storm season hits.”

For more information about premium lawn care in Stratford SD and Matt’s Tree Service’s limited time special offer, call or click on the provided link.

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