Colorful Mini Smart Electric Scooter Airwheel Z8 Makes Life Colorful

With serious traffic jam and tense parking space, travel transports tend to small figure, light weight and portable usage. As the talent in electric scooter field, Airwheel has designed a fire-new transport that closely follows with the modern transport idea. It is called Airwheel Z8 mini light weight electric scooter. It makes life colorful.

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Many people complain about difficult traveling, which is mainly caused by serious traffic jam as well as tense parking space. Therefore, present traveling situation asks for small-sized, light and portable transport. Airwheel, the leader in electric scooter field, made it. Recently, Airwheel Z-series has welcomed a new arrival- Z8 mini light weight electric scooter. It caters for almost all of travel expectations from people. Z8 offers four colors, including white, black, green and orange. It will make life colorful and full of vitality.

Airwheel Z8 electric scooters

The adopted light and tough magnesium frame featured by strong impact resistance reduces the item weight to 6.5kg, but improves the load capacity to 75kg. Meanwhile, the operating rod is adjustable. That is to say, Airwheel Z8 electric scooters is suitable for whole families, for it can be adjusted according to rider’s height. The pedals of Z8 have been tested repeatedly so as to ensure excellent strength and toughness and give riders reliable riding feeling. A pair of 3.2-inch small wheels is made from polyurethane. Plus unique tread pattern, they enjoy outstanding wear resistance, strong road adaptability and long working life. The reflect light in the tail has 3 meters illuminating distance, which makes sure safe riding in the night.

mini light weight electric scooter

Airwheel Z8 colorful electric foldable scooter is powered by branded li-ion battery cell, which guarantees sufficient power supply. More importantly, it is protected by 8 circuit protections and thus it is more efficient and safer. Besides, Z8 has exclusive APP. Such an APP can be connected with mobile phone. Then, riders can read data of scooter, like riding speed, mileage and battery. The fault self-diagnosis will guarantee riders’ safety before travelling. In daily life, people can ride Airwheel Z8 to their destinations, such as workplace, school, shopping mall or supermarket and so on. In leisure time, people also can ride it in the open air.

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