Meet the Ping-Pong Playing Komodo Dragon that is Taking Indonesia by Storm

Trondheim, Norway – Indonesians are having a musical overdose this summer, all thanks to the Norwegian travel musician whose ode to an Indonesian dish, Nasi Padang, went viral last year. Audun Kvitland Røstad is back again to limelight, and this time it has to do with the Komodo Dragons and ping-pong.

“Komodo Ping-Pong”, the new viral music video, is unlike anything ever seen on the planet. The animated video song is now rocking Indonesia with 950,000 views and replays on national radio and news television. “He crawls like a snake, he can hide in a lake…” With poisonous teeth, he is probably hiding somewhere, but one need not look in dense jungles, because the Komodo Dragon is right here among us, at the table playing ping pong!

“I remember my heart skipped a beat when I and Petter had a Komodo Dragon walking straight towards us in the middle of the forest in Rinca,” says Kvitland. The Dragon reappeared later in the night in his dreams as a happy, crazy, singing entity. “When I woke up I immediately started developing the song based on my dream.”

Komodo Dragons are the biggest lizards alive and the last living dinosaurs, the animated video informs the viewers. The success of the video follows that of Kvitland’s another hit video on the Indonesian dish, Nasi Padang, a soft, mellifluous dedication that received over 2,000,000 hits on YouTube. Kvitland was an instant hit in Indonesia, travelling back to attend talk shows and television shows. In Padang, he is greeted as a celebrity, and has even gone on to do a live singing performance on the Indonesian national television which is beamed to its 250 million citizens.

my first live performance ever as a singer was live on national television in Indonesia, a country with 250 million citizens.

“From being a regular guy in Norway, I’ve turned into a pop star in Indonesia,” says Kvitland. Audun Kvitland is a music and sound designer for films by professions, and runs a sound studio, Ambolt Audio with his friend and colleague, Jørgen Meyer in Norway. He toured Indonesia for three weeks with his friend Petter in July 2016, visiting places such as Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Ende, Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

The ping-pong playing Komodo Dragon can be downloaded for a personalized experience on the phone, with free wall papers, ringtones, notifications, icons and stickers. All downloads are available on the ZEDGE app at Google Play and App Store, and iPhone users can also download the app, ‘Kvitland’, for free.

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