10 Days in a Madhouse filmmakers Timothy Hines and Susan Goforth launch a Gofundme Campaign to make all star movie Earth Angel

“In the tradition of, The Preachers Wife and It’s a Wonderful Life, a Gofundme campaign has been started by seasoned movie makers to create a film that will spread hope and healing.”
Veteran Filmmakers reach out to people of faith to help fund Earth Angel a movie with an all star cast about an angel coming to Earth to help heal a discouraged world and mend broken hearts.

Filmmaking team, director Timothy Hines and producer Susan Goforth have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Gofundme to raise $827,000 to make Earth Angel, an exciting fantasy thriller with an all star cast and an underlying theme to help heal spirits facing challenging times.

The Story of Earth Angel is, when a wealthy fanatic schemes to use a biological weapon to destroy all life on Earth and prematurely usher in the End Times, it’s up to grieving genius, William Pierce, to stop him — only Pierce has a supernatural ally, an angel named Serah.

Producer Susan Goforth explains, “Timothy and I are a movie making team who have been making films together for nearly 20 years. We’re a devoted couple who are working to make a great difference in the world. Timothy had divine inspiration in writing Earth Angel. We are going to use this great movie to massively entertain while inspiring the world to return to and strengthen their faith. We’re offering great rewards for contributing to this project and when the film is distributed we will use 50% of our profits to help feed the hungry. It is a great win-win project that we are very excited to have people be a part of on this entertaining and faith filled journey!”

Director Timothy Hines adds, “To make Earth Angel we spent many months courting Hollywood executives and wealthy private investors. Through monumental efforts we funded the film and were ready to go when I had a serious health crisis, collapsed and was hospitalized. Overwork and exhaustion led to my heart issues.The health crisis was a blessing because it was the wake up call that saved my life instead of dying on set two or three weeks later. I’ve had a full recovery but movies are time sensitive and the picture lost its financing as a result.”

Ultimately our mission to serve the world as opposed to filling greedy pockets is why we launched the Gofundme campaign. We are reaching out to like-minded, faith and people-first folk who want to joyfully impact the world in a positive way!”

The filmmaking team has signed stars and ready to go before the cameras when they achieve their Gofundme goals.

Hines states, “For Earth Angel, we’ve signed star talents such as Malcolm McDowell, an iconic and world renown movie star who is always brilliant in whatever he lends his formidable talent to. Pictures like A Clockwork Orange , Star Trek: Generations , Mozart in the Jungle are powerful in no small part because of the spectacular work of Mr. McDowell. TV actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry, and movie and TV actor Barry Bostwick who co-starred with Michael J. Fox as the New York City mayor on the long running ABC series Spin City are only part of the amazing cast. And there are a range of cameo roles that will be filled by veteran and legendary actors such as Monte Markham who was, with no exaggeration, on nearly every television show that aired through the 60s onto the present.”

Malcolm McDowell, pictured above and below in the current Golden Globe winning Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle, will co-star in Earth Angel.

Above:  (L) TV actress and former Miss USA Ali Landry, (R) and movie and TV actor Barry Bostwick (pictured above with Michael J. Fox where he co-starred on the long running ABC series Spin City), are signed for Earth Angel.  

Linc Hand, 42 with Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman, Imperium with Daniel Radcliffe and the new FOX supernatural comedy coming this fall, Ghosted with Adam Scott, Ally Walker and Craig Robinson is in talks to play the lead in Earth Angel.

Monte Markham, legendary actor who played in Melrose Place, Baywatch, Star Trek and 100s of other Tv shows will appear in Earth Angel.

Veteran movie director Timothy Hines and producer Susan Goforth are award winning filmmakers and two time Academy Award competitors who’s last film starring Christopher Lambert (best known for Tarzan – Legend of Greystoke, Highlander and Mortal Kombat) and Kelly Le Brock, (Woman in Red with Gene Wilder) was 10 Days In A Madhouse, the true story of young reporter Nellie Bly who went undercover in an insane asylum in 1887 to expose corruption and murder.

Above: (L) Earth Angel director Timothy Hines, star Christopher Lambert and Mr. Lambert’s daughter, Eleanor Lambert, on the red carpet for the US theatrical premiere of 10 Days in a Madhouse at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square, New York City.

Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert and Alexandra Callas star in Timothy Hines’ 10 Days in a Madhouse.

Above: Timothy Hines and Susan Goforth’s previous movie, Oscar contender, 10 Days in a Madhouse.

Hines and Goforth’s 10 Days In a Madhouse, was a contender in this year’s Academy Awards , ran 19 weeks in the theaters, played on NBC Comcast Pay-Per-View, DirecTV, is released in countries across the globe, has been translated into dozens of languages, and is currently OnDemand at iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Vudu, Google Play and on DVD in fine retailers including Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Walmart and Barnes and Noble. The picture is distributed in the US through Broad Green Pictures.

If you want to give from your heart now and help this entertaining film Earth Angel, with a message of faith and hope be heard by tens of millions of people visit the Gofundme campaign now! On Gofundme search for, “Help Bring an Angel to Earth.”

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