Airwheel Smart folding ebikes Minimization-The New Design Rule for Transport

Wait, what? Yes, you read correctly. “Airwheel” and “minimization,” two words that are combined together to present a new form for modern transport tools. A little confused? Not to worry. Let’s listen to “Airwheeler”, the editor of this article and start with why.

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Airwheel, the pioneer in manufacturing intelligent electric equipment, endeavors to develop portable, low-carbon and green electric vehicles for human beings. It is the heavy crowded traffic that alarms Airwheel to do something for it. On the one hand, the vehicle should be of small size so that it can move in narrow alley. On the other hand, the vehicle shall not be driven by consuming any fuel to improve the air quality. As a result, Airwheel indeed makes this come true.

folding electric bike

In this new industry, Airwheel has fought for several years. At the very beginning, there were X series and Q series single electric scooters emerging into the market for the first time and shocking the messes at that time. With one wheel and mini size, they were warmly welcomed. Later, S series, Z series and A series intelligent electric scooters are rolled out as the typical two wheels. It can be said they are portable enough to be taken as the daily commute tool. While in this year, it has folding electric bike launched and these e bikes are small both for the size before folding and after folding.

folding e bike

Here are the parameters for E6 intelligent e bike, E3 folding e bike and R5 city electric bike respectively:

For E6: height: 996mm; length: 870mm; width: 592mm; (before folding) and height: 465mm; length: 950mm; width: 160mm (after folding);

For E3: height: 932mm; length: 1060mm; width: 575mm; (before folding) and it can be packed into a specially customized backpack after being folded;

For R5: height: 1180mm; length: 1320mm; width: 550mm; (before folding) and height: 700mm; length: 710mm; width: 380mm (after folding).

e bike

Each e bike has its unique folding technique. After poking the joint at the intersection of the X-shaped frame, E6’s main skeleton will be packed up. For E3, its two wheels can be dropped down to the two circles so as to be kept into the customized backpack. Meanwhile, the handrails, pedals and operating rods can be folded for these foldable e bikes.

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