Specialized Cleaning Services People Can’t Resist

There are many people who move to British Columbia for several reasons. The location is filled with so many picturesque locations. It is known for world-class outdoor recreation and it also has the most fertile land to till in Canada.

Hundreds want to retire in the place due to affordable housing in the location. There are also those who like to raise their families amidst the beautiful scenario.

If you’re one of these people, you would need the services of Lifestyle Home Service. The company offers a wide array of services such as residential cleaning, office cleaning, and also rental and B&B cleanup and maintenance. If you are one busy bee and have no time to clean the house and its surroundings, you can choose to have professional maid service and residential cleaners regularly. They will certainly make your home superbly clean, neat, tidy, and sanitized. This makes your family safe from all disease-causing germs and bacteria.

The same is true for any office location. The company also offers professional carpet cleaning service for their corporate clients. You can schedule the cleaning weekly, biweekly, or even monthly depending on your needs.

When it comes to residential cleaning, you can rest assured that we only employ cleaners and staff that have no criminal records. The company also has set its own training and guidelines based on the company’s experience of serving thousands of clients over the years. Maid service isn’t the only thing offered by Lifestyle Home Service. It also offers kitchen cleaning, window and ceiling cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting, sanitizing, vacuuming, and others.  

Office cleaning is also another specialization of the company which can be done daily. Every cleaning service the company offers is uniquely based on the requirements of it. Aside from the regular office cleanup, there are other office-related services provided such as floor cleanup and maintenance, restroom sanitation, interior window cleaning, and even cleaning of office equipment. Floor cleanup and maintenance not only makes sure that your office floor is clean and presentable to clients; it also ensures that the floor is non-slippery. All types of floors are cleaned from tiles to wooden floors. The professional cleaners that work for the company are all professionally trained and are highly skilled to comply with all safety instructions and warranties of products used to maximize their results. Office equipment is also ensured of utmost performance since it is free of dust and grease.

Lifestyle Home Service also provides cleaning services for all types of rental properties including B&Bs. Deep cleaning is also offered for those properties that have been vacated and sold to new tenants. This type of cleaning makes sure that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the new tenants to occupy. Airbnb cleaning services is another specialized service offered by Lifestyle Home Service. Remember that the Airbnb is like any hotel but only it is without any full-time housekeeping staff. This type of cleanup includes robust cleaning which means removing the floor from all types of dirt and debris, removal of food and beverage leftovers, and others. It also includes pest control in the area.

If you are in British Columbia and you are in need of a cleaning service to handle any of your properties, go and check the company’s site for your inquiries here: http://www.lifestylehomeservice.com.

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