Deanna Brochin wins Best Lead Actress – MILAN

MILAN, ITALY – 22 May, 2017 – DEANNA BROCHIN named BEST LEAD ACTRESS in a Feature Film for her starring role as Mercedes Lara in independently produced thriller Frame Switch at the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan, Italy.

DEANNA BROCHIN is originally from the US Mexico border town of Laredo, Texas and has appeared in more than 25 films and television productions, including Queen of the South, Puncture and Friday Night Lights. She was also an assistant producer on the award-winning documentary Spirit of the Bull. She lives in Austin, Texas.

FRAME SWITCH is a new kind of found footage thriller, is a tale of murder and corruption told from the point of view of all the cameras in our lives — security cameras, web cams, dash cams, cell phones, drones, satellites and other found footage. After a devastating urban wildfire ignites a pile of tires and kills her boss, assistant city auditor Mercedes Lara fights to expose corruption in the city government.

When she is approached by a flamboyant attorney with a theory about an even deeper and wider conspiracy, she doesn’t know whether he is crazy or coming on to her. As the evidence mounts, Mercedes must turn the technological tables, escape the city with her life and get off the grid.

FRAME SWITCH was also named Best Feature Film at the Milan IFF, and was an official selection at festivals in Berlin, London, Chicago and Toronto, and is in worldwide distribution by the Shami Media Group.


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