Brian The Pekingese Presents 100% Organic Cotton Pajamas that Children Adore

ORANGE, CA – 22 May, 2017 – We at Brian the Pekingese care about children as well as the environment. This is why we have created 100% organic cotton children’s pajamas that are produced in the USA. You may ask yourself why is it important to have organic cotton instead of traditional cotton? Some of you may know that cotton accounts for 2.5% of the world’s crop cultivation, but did you know that it also accounts for 16% of the world’s pesticide use?

As you can see, traditional cotton is a toxic crop. With organic cotton you can rest assured they do not use any pesticides or herbicides. The cotton is from original plants, meaning the cotton plants are not genetically modified. It also helps that organic cotton is a rotation crop. A rotation crop helps manage organic soil fertility and helps avoid problems with soil borne diseases. With that being said, when we choose organic products, we are reducing demand for harmful chemicals. This benefits the farmers, producers, and consumers.

With everything you have heard so far it is safe to say our product is the healthier choice. Our cotton fibers are not doused in pesticides or any other harmful chemicals during their growing process. Once we receive our non-harmful cotton fabric, we prewash it prior to cutting and sewing. This gives the fabric an extra softness and removes any residual inks leftover from the printing process. Our pajamas are made in the USA, unlike most clothing companies. Brian the Pekingese pajamas are made in California near our corporate headquarters. Our production process is in compliance with all federal and state manufacturing regulations. We are involved in each step of the manufacturing process. We have a close relationship with our vendors and do regular factory inspections. We pride ourselves by knowing our pajamas are made for children, not by children.

As a company who cares about the preservation of the environment for all children, Brian the Pekingese has created an environmentally conscious program called Brian the Pekingese Cares. This program allows our customers to recycle their children’s old pajamas. Brian the Pekingese CEO Angela Bentley said, “If you can’t hand it down, hand it back – to us”. Once the child outgrows their garment our customers can send it back to us free of charge. Then we will make sure the cotton fabric gets recycled or reused.

About Brian The Pekingese:

Brian the Pekingese is a unique brand of children’s pajamas and onesies made from 100% organic cotton. We wash the fabric prior to cut and sew to ensure no shrinkage and extra softness. We do not use any flame-retardant chemicals All of our sleepwear is made in the USA. We also offer a matching plush toy and bedtime book to pair with your pajamas.

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