Knots By Joy announces release of their Patriotic Pawacord Collection coming June 1

On June 1st, 2017, Knots By Joy introduces their new Patriotic Pawacord Collection just in time for Independence Day. Included in this product line of pet accessories: dog collars and leashes, cat collars and matching items for their owners.

The hand-made accessories are crafted using durable parachute cord, also know as paracord and affectionately renamed Pawacord by creator Joy Marino.

Paracord is a strong material that comes in hundreds of colors which makes Pawacord products durable and easy to coordinate custom pieces. Pet owners can spoil their furbabies and show their love for their pet and support for our country at the same time.

Knots By Joy also added to this collection cat collars with breakway buckles and bells, as well as matching bracelets and key-chain for mom or dad. The product line offers a variety of pieces that compliment one another and accommodate the owner’s preferences while being functional, fashionable and trendy.

Creator and founder of Knots By Joy, Ms. Joy Marino, first began by crafting paracord bracelets. Being a pet owner, animal lover and her career as a Veterinary Technician inspired her to bridge over to collars for dogs and cats. She researched styles and materials, then implemented what she discovered to create products that were strong, functional and owner-focused. While still making bracelets and key-chains, Ms. Marino decided to shift to pet accessories as her main product line and Knots By Joy was founded.

“Every day I see loving pet owners spoiling their furbabies. What I love about these products is that they’re so versatile, strong, secure, vibrant and customizable. It brings together my love for animals and my creative nature. For me that’s a rewarding win-win” said Ms. Marino.

Joy Marino has been creating hand-made accessories since 2008. Being in the pet care industry as well, She’s brought her love of animals and creative passion together in the unique product line she calls “PawACord”.

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