Come Thru (feat. Don Verse) Causes Excitement With Hip Hop Fans

The new Hip Hop single has gained huge attention around the world. It was written and produced by ILLUSTRATEDMADEIT.

A new single released on iTunes has gained huge excitement in the Hip Hop world in the USA. Come Thru (feat. Don Verse), which was produced by Illustrtedmindz Productions has been described as one of the most exciting new Hip Hop tunes of 2017. The new single has gained so much excitement that it is being played around the world including the UK, Canada, and Australia.

In 2017, there has never been so much excitement about a new Hip Hop single, but it seems ILLUSTRATEDMADEIT knows exactly what people need in a world that has left people confused with the election of Donald Trump. The new single has come at a time when people need something good in their life, something to be excited about, and that is what Come Thru (feat. Don Verse) has managed to do. The track is raw, while at the same time hitting home with words that stick in the mind.

Some Hip Hop fans have become so excited about the new single they have launched a campaign to get the track heard on their local radio stations. They have called on other fans to join the campaign and email and tweet their local radio stations to get as much airplay as possible for Come Thru (feat. Don Verse).

When asked how he felt about the success of the new single Illustrtedmindz replied: “I am overwhelmed with the support I have received from my fans new and old.”

To learn more about Come Thru (feat. Don Verse), and to download the new single that all Hip Hop fans are talking about, please visit:


After taking 6 shots from an automatic weapon at a night club, 3 months with a mouth wired shut and 3 days in a coma, Illustratedmadeit refuses to give up on music or life. An extremely multifaceted record producer, songwriter and recording artist, Illustratedmadeit has a true ear for music and arrangement bringing life to mostly any composition or studio he arrives to.


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