Dr Paulo Pinho Offers Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney at an Affordable Cost

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Dr Paulo Pinho, a registered Australian dentist in Australia has years of experience in performing majority of all oral surgeries including wisdom teeth removal at an affordable cost.


Sydney, New South Wales – May 22, 2017 – As a dedicated member of Australian Dental Association, Dr Paulo Pinho works closely with leading oral surgeons and excels in performing wisdom teeth removal in Sydney with ease at an affordable cost.

Dr Pinho’s main mission is to make oral surgery affordable and accessible for everyone, and nobody should be left in pain with inadequate dental care.

The spokesperson stated, “By specialising in removal of wisdom teeth, Dr Pinho can offer a quality and efficient service at unbeatable costs. He has made it his mission to offer wisdom teeth removal at affordable prices.”

“There are many factors that determine whether a procedure carries risk or complexity, which is why every patient has an initial assessment consultation with Dr Paulo Pinho. X-Rays are taken for proper examination, your medical history is reviewed, and Dr Pinho explains the procedure to you. You’re then provided with a fixed-price quote with Medicare item numbers.”

Tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth costs about $150 to $350 only. Also, a simple wisdom teeth removal procedure with no complexities costs about $225 to $250 and it is $250 to $375 for surgical wisdom teeth removal with a number of complexities.

The price for removing a single wisdom tooth may vary depending on the complexity whereas the removal of four wisdom teeth would cost only $970 and no additional charges apply.

“Payment plans and financing options are available to you and can be discussed in your initial consultation. Financial hardship is not a reason to ignore your dental health, and Dr Pinho strives to be as accommodating as possible,” concluded the spokesperson.

Dr Paulo Pinho has limited his practice only to wisdom teeth removal and dental implants to offer the best service at an affordable cost. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Dr Paulo Pinho has become the only dentist to offer cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney.

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About Dr Paulo Pinho

Being a dedicated member of Australian Dental Association, Dr Paulo Pinho has limited his specialisation to wisdom teeth removal and implant dentistry to provide a high quality dental service at an affordable cost.

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