Airwheel E3 Backpack Electric Folding Bike Is an Ideal Short-Distance Transport Device

Compared with traditional e bikes, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is incredible in portability by virtue of its mini, light and foldable design. More importantly, having good road performance, E3 shows the great power underneath its mini structure.

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Though many places are accessible by public transport today, the last 1-mile problem is faced by many people in cities. Every day they have to cover the short-distance from their home to the nearest bus/subway station, which is inconvenient, exhausting and time-consuming. However, if these people have a smart transport device, which can take them to the station efficiently and later can be carried into bus and subway, their life and sense of well-being can be greatly improved. Delightedly, Airwheel E3 electric folding bike, which can achieve this, appears. Mini, light and foldable in design, E3 is incredible in portability. More importantly, having good road performance, it shows the great power underneath its mini structure. With such a good combination of smart appearance and powerful performance, E3 is an ideal short-distance transport device to have.

Airwheel E3

As a smart e bike, Airwheel E3 citizen e-bike is very convenient to use. Mini in structure, E3 lets people forge forward even in traffic jams for it can pass any space that can be passed by man; light in weight, it is so easy to carry that a female can take it upstairs effortlessly; amazing in foldability, it can be folded to as small as a backpack, saving much space and possible to be taken into bus and subway. Therefore, E3 e bike can cure the last 1-mile problem, give people an efficient and enjoyable traveling experience and improve their life quality greatly.

citizen e-bike

While bringing great convenience to people’s travel, Airwheel E3 folding e bike ensures a wonderful ride with its good road performance. Its car-level Li-ion battery set ensures sufficient power supply, its 300W hub motor guarantees stable and powerful force, and its customized 8-inch tires have good traffic ability and stability. Moreover, its intelligent EBS provides better brake power solution and ensures safety. In short, superb materials are used to offer a great riding experience.

In summary, with incredible portability and excellent performance, Airwheel E3 backpack e bike is a desirable short-distance transport device.

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