2017 Vanderhall Venice: A Forbes Review

The 2017 Vanderhall Venice was featured in Forbes. It is Vanderhall USA’s latest three-wheeler vehicle model and was assessed by Jason Fogelson, a well-known contributor of the business magazine and enthusiast of the automotive field.

The writer was infatuated with newest three-wheeler model. He cited one by one his observation on both its exterior and interior design. Because of the three-wheeler’s sleek and classy design, the writer himself added that it’s “fit and finish are at a very high level, both inside and out“. For Fogelson, it gave him a nostalgic feel of the old racecars but this time, with a dash of elegance.

The Venice is a tiny two-seater with an open cockpit and side-by-side seating. It has two front wheels and one rear wheel centered in the track between the fronts. It is 144 inches long, 68 inches wide and 44 inches tall with a 100.4-inch wheelbase, and weighs in at 1,375 lbs.  It wears an ABS Composite body over an aluminum frame that’s a near monocoque.

Some of the underlying structure is visible on the exterior of the vehicle. The body panels are sleek and rounded, with tight arches that allow the 18-inch by 8.5-inch front wheels to stick out, proud of the body. The wheels wear partial mudguard fenders at the rear. A high sill leaves space for step-in entry – no doors or side glass. There’s a short overhang at the front, with a flat vertical wireframe grille that also protects the recessed round LED headlights. The 18-inch by 10.5-inch rear wheel is exposed, riding on a single-sided motorcycle-style swingarm with a small fender/mudguard at the rear. A pair of protective rollover hoops protrudes above the deck behind the headrests, and a short windscreen is mounted above the dash panel. Lake-style exhaust pipes run below the rocker panel area, protected by a drilled heat shield.

Fogelson also discussed on where the government is currently at when it comes to recognition for the said type of vehicle. Other states treat it as a motorcycle while some as cars. With this being said, as what he also set as an example, a helmet may be a legal requirement.

Lastly, no product review is complete without comparison with its competitors. The writer cited a couple of known brands competing with Vanderhall for the said field with their respective pros and cons in detail (price and design wise). He also added that even though the company is still on it’s early years, it has a very ambitious target, as far as production is concerned, which peaks at 1,000 units per year.

Fogelson ended the article with the lines, “I suspect that infatuation could easily bloom into a rewarding love affair for adventurous owners looking for a great weekend cruiser” displaying a sense of optimism for the design’s future and contribution to the automotive field.

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