Victim of Intellectual Property Crime Turns to Crowdfunding to Finance Book Project

Book lovers may soon be exposed to a chilling, yet compelling, account of intellectual property crime if Author and Inventor, Alexis Maxime Feyou, achieves his crowdfunding campaign goal to fund the publication of his book, Intellectual Heist

Intellectual Heist is the true story of how Alexis became a victim of a horrific persecution when his notebook, containing over 100 inventions, sketches and description was stolen by a friend and business partner. Works such as Quadropter Drones, Number Bed, Self-Driving Cars and much more were among the creative projects lost in the theft.  After hacking his computer, the friend and De facto business partner destroyed his files and also set him up.

Sadly, almost half of Alexis’ inventions are now extremely popular and profitable while he is still struggling in anonymity. To add to the nightmare, he was also brain chipped- something he discovered following a hospital x-ray.

Alexis’ story has all the elements of a work of fiction but everything written in Intellectual Heist is completely true. Not only does the author describes the horror he endured but also the absurdity of a Kafkaesque nightmare in the 21st Century.

But it’s not just about sharing his dilemma. Intellectual Property is still a highly controversial subject and so the author is hoping to share a different perspective with the book.

He said: “Human rights are a very serious matter and this book perfectly captures that labyrinth.”

Alexis has been writing since he was a teenager. Since, then he has written more than 30 books, some of which have been published. Open Consciousness, Dithy, Fairytales from Propagamar and Mabu are among is previously published work.

For this campaign, Alexis is seeking to raise fund to publish Intellectual Heist as well as 4 other exciting books. They are:

  • Essence of Law ( Multi-Millennial Law Book from Oral History)
  • Chasosymbiony (discovery of a universal principle through his research work on Social Evolution
  • The Chronology (history
  • Octrogon (Part 1. Fairy Tales)

The funds will be used to professionally edit, design, market and print the above-mentioned books.

Anyone can donate to the campaign with as little as $5. However, those who contribute $5 will be rewarded with 3 or more of the Alexis’ prolific books.

For further information or to contribute to the campaign, visit Indiegogo.

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