The era of constantly worrying about bad breath of dogs and general oral hygiene is brought to an abrupt end with Oravet dental hygiene chews.

Of all the many cool reasons to own a dog, the bad breath that emanates from many of them remain a major factor holding back some potential dog owners. The perfect solution for halitosis is however here and dog owners can now enjoy all the benefits of owning a dog without the accompanying bad breath.

Famous for the manufacture of Frontline – a super-effective flea spot-on, leading animal health company – Merial storms the veterinary market with yet another product that ensures continued wellness of dogs. OraVet dental chews are specially made to forestall plaque deposition in dogs’ teeth and promote general oral health.

Oravet Dental Hygiene Chews

The effectiveness of this product is not up for debate as it proudly carries a seal of approval from Veterinary Oral Health Council,an organization run by certified veterinary specialists with the aim of testing which veterinary products are effective and which are not.

The active ingredient in OraVet dental hygiene chews is delmopinol, a compound proven effective and widely used in human mouthwashes. Delmopinol acts to form a preventive barrier against bacteria, and the future formation of plaque and calculus that build up over time. Comparison of the oral health of dogs fed OraVet chews with dogs fed dry food without tooth brushing indicated that plaque and tartar formation was reduced by 50% in dogs fed with just one chew per day of OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews.

OraVet chews expertly disrupt plaque formation and the resultant formation of tartar on dogs’ teeth. This prevents inflammation of the gums, bad breath and the subsequent gum recession and tooth loss from the deposition of bacteria-laden plaque and mineralized tartar. OraVet Dental Hygiene chews are mildly abrasive and the mechanical action of chewing on them, coupled with the plaque disruption, and bacteria blocking action makes the chew the ideal substitute for tooth brushing.

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ORAVET US – Dental Hygiene Chews Method of Action

They come with the added bonus of saving dogs’ owners the stress and intricacies of tooth brushing. The great taste also makes OraVet chews a treat for most dogs. Well tolerated by virtually all dogs, OraVet side effects  are very mild to none. The occasional odd dog may develop diarrhea, green poop may be produced by some dogs, and that’s just about all.

‘Not only did Grady enjoy the chew, but his breath improved’, raved Michelle Staffa, a proud dog owner after using the product. Lots of other amazing positive OraVet chews reviews have been posted and buyers keep wishing the product had come earlier. OraVet chews come in different sizes, just as dogs and buyers only need to select the weight of their dogs to determine the appropriate size.

Oravet Dental chews are available on amazon and more information can be obtained at: http://www.oravet.com

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