Art That Finds You is pleased to announce that Sonja Verway has completed a tour of Germany. Sonja Verway who comes from a long line of European artists will visit homes of exclusive clients and create artworks for them. She also has invitations for Los Angeles, Hollywood, and South Carolina.

Sonja Verway creates her artworks by pouring paint on canvas and then tilting the canvas various ways. It would be logical to expect abstract art to be created this way but instead, pictures complete with stories appeared. There are no brushes or other physical contact between the artist and the paint. Most viewers of these works find their mood transforming in minutes from their everyday stress to a new sense of calm. 

Sonja Verway who is originally from Germany made her first appearance in New York City delivering four exclusive, spiritually derived artworks for an undisclosed sum to Fredrik Ecklund, star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listings New York TV Series. 

“This artwork is in my DNA from my father and great grandfather who both created their own unique styles in Bavaria, Germany. My artwork occurs from a very spiritual flow that often catches me by surprise. I don’t say anything when Clients first observe the works in my Gallery. Their strong emotional reactions to a particular work say it all,” says Verway “Client stress does not survive in the presence of this spiritually caused art form. Each person identifies with some of my Works and not with others. The client’s soul is my top sales person and it is always right. Allow your spirit to let my artwork find you. All it takes is the time to look. Your spirit does the rest.”

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About Sonja Verway

Sonja Verway is a fearless creator of original and spiritually uplifting artworks. Her Great Grandfather painted murals in small churches in the mountains of Bavaria as well as creating numerous other works of art. Her Father continues to create his specialized cards, scripts documents and entries in the Golden Book in his hometown City Hall Registry when Dignitaries and special guests from around the globe are welcomed by the Mayor.

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