A New Movie in the Spirit of It’s A Wonderful Life, The Preacher’s Wife and Touched by an Angel – Director Timothy Hines and Producer Susan Goforth are crowdfunding Earth Angel.

““I always knew I was going to make an angel movie. I guess with Earth Angel, I was perhaps, divinely inspired,” – Director Timothy Hines”
Earth Angel movie being funded by gofundme campaign.

“I have always loved angel movies,” says director Timothy Hines joyfully from Burbank where he is negotiating deals during the current heat wave for his new picture Earth Angel. “ I always knew I was going to make an angel movie. I guess with Earth Angel, I was perhaps, divinely inspired,” Hines muses, “My story has flavors of It’s a Wonderful Life, The Preacher’s Wife, and Touched by an Angel.” 

Earth Angel is the story of a Seraphim Angel that comes to Earth to help a suicidal man regain himself in order to stop a fanatic from ending all life on the planet.

Hines explains why the Gofundme campaign. “The script was extremely well received and every star I asked to be in it said yes. Budget was in place, we were crewed up, locations chosen, Emmy Award winning costume designer was on her way into town. All was well. Then I had a heart issue and was rushed to the hospital. There is a saying in Hollywood. Movies are not like fine wine. They are like milk. They have a shelf life. All of the elements that have to come together are daunting. And then there’s the worries of creative people and their agents, not to mention investors.”

The later tend to be jumpy as movies are risky to begin with and during Hines’ recovery, his investment package fell apart.

Undaunted, when Hines recovered he and his producer Susan Goforth immediately began rebuilding the budget, part of which is being offered through a Gofundme campaign.

Susan Goforth adds, “When it comes to movie funding you can leave no stone unturned and as there are major elements of faith in Timothy’s movie, we are reaching out to all people of faith and the faith based community to help bring the word of peace and grace to Earth through our Seraphim Angel.”

The picture has signed Malcolm McDowell, Ali Landry, Barry Bostwick and in talks to play the lead is Linc Hand.

To learn more, and contribute to see the movie Earth Angel brought to the screen visit: https://www.gofundme.com/BringAnAngelToEarth

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