Crowdfunding Campaign for TT8 Retro Wooden style Multi-Function Turntable Speakers Will Launch Soon

The revival of music on vinyl is happening and, the Taiwan-based startup, Minfort Audio is excited to be a part of it by launching the TT8, a series of multi-function turntable speakers in retro wooden style. Bringing together retro aesthetics and modern technology to give vinyl music listeners the best of both worlds, Minfort Audio will soon be taking their TT8 speakers to the extremely popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to build support and raise funds for the next phase.

One of the most standout features of TT8 speakers is the stylish retro design. The speaker comes in a selection of natural wood, including Oak, Teak, and Walnut, which makes them suitable for display anywhere. The wooden design and its warm tone perfectly match different home decorations, both traditional and contemporary.

The amazing features of TT8 don’t end at the design element. According to Minfort, in order to deliver the best transition from low to high frequencies, they have developed exclusive speakers that feature a 1” silk dome tweeter, 4” paper cone woofer, and 5.25” subwoofer. Hooking it up to the exclusive 2.1 channel stereo speakers, the warm analog sound is smoothly conveyed by vinyl records. Along with the wooden exterior, this speaker produces a rich, natural, and smooth audio experience.

The TT8’s aren’t just for turntables, even without a Vinyl record, users will be able to easily stream music to TT8 from their favorite devices via WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. Furthermore, wired options including optical, coaxial, and RCA are also available for connecting to devices such as Blueray, CD players, smartphones, and tablets.

TT8 will soon be featured on the Kickstarter campaign. Minfort will be rewarding the generous monetary contribution to their campaign with a variety of different rewards and perks.

Also, Minfort has launched a survey, which people can fill to get notified of 40%OFF discounts:

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About Minfort Audio:

Founded in 2013, a group of carpentry, design, engineering, and audio professionals came together to form the Minfort team. The Minfort design language is inspired by the endless blue sea and the splashing waves of Corpus Christi, a coastal city in Texas, USA. Our products aim to bring a sense of peace and nature to the users.

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