“In the Zone Safety Beacon” is a Must for Pedestrians and Cyclists who Venture Out at Night

Despite the most rigorous laws and traffic control systems, people who walk or cycle on the roads at night are putting their lives at risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012 almost 4,743 people died from pedestrian involved motor vehicle accidents and more than 76,000 serious injuries resulted from automobile collisions. During this same period, almost 726 cyclists were killed by motor vehicles, while 48,000 were seriously injured. These figures indicate that walking on roads where visibility for drivers is poor can lead to death or a life of crippling pain and disability.

However, with the proper equipment, the possibility of these tragic accidents occurring can be diminished to virtually nothing. Veteran engineer James R. Pierrot has created a unique arm band and pet collar visual alert system which will make you and your pets highly visible to oncoming traffic. The “In the Zone Safety Beacon” utilizes Super Bright Blue LED lights to signal to drivers your location. These powerful, piercing lights have been rigorously tested to show that they are the most visible at night and also provide enough illumination to show drivers that you are a pedestrian, cyclist or pet. The “In the Zone Safety Beacon” is far superior to any other light system on the market and can make you completely visible to driver’s even considerable distances from you.

The “In the Zone Safety Beacon” is currently in pre-production but James Pierrot is offering you the chance to join him in making his revolutionary product a commercial success. Pierrot has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to secure $125,000. These funds will be used for Phases I and II. Phase I will include design and production of the more advanced five-light system which will enhance performance and reduce production costs; this will be immediately followed by mass production and distribution. Phase II will develop the “In the Zone Pet Collar” which will use owner-voice activated commands to ensure that pets will remain on their properties.

In return for your financial support of this project, you may receive valuable rewards like “In the Zone” sun visors, signed autobiographies, baseball caps, or T-shirts. To learn more about “In the Zone Safety Beacon” or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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