Holiday Funder is Announcing the First Holiday & Travel CrowdFunding Platform!

Lappi, Kemi, Finland – May 23rd, 2017 Holiday Funder has announced that they just opened a new holiday and travel crowdfunding platform. They understand that funding your vacation can sometimes be difficult, so this platform will help you find the additional funds you might need to take a much-needed break. As the first renowned holiday & travel crowdfunding portal, they offer a broad category of holiday funding just to give you the best experience.

There is good news today with the announcement that a new holiday crowdfunding platform got opened. This news will come as a welcomed relief to like-minded individuals with love for vacation and travels but have no funds. The Holiday Funder was born out of a desire to deliver the much maximum funding for trips and holidays straight to your doorstep, and their services are guaranteed to be the best.

Sami Lotvonen, one of the founding partners, explained: “The HolidayFunder was created to give families, friends and individuals a platform for raising money towards their dream holiday, either in part or full.” He said “we are excited to launch the first-holiday crownfunding platform worldwide. As our company name, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to acquire enough holiday funds“.

Sami further explained “having worked in the industry for many years I’ve seen many trends and changes and what has become very apparent is that all holiday lovers would want to take advantage of our funding website.

Our research showed that as much as 74% of ordinary people never get to go on vacation, or even on short breakaways, due to lack of funds. That is where we come in, looking to make a difference in these people’s lives.

We intend to provide an amazing experience.

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