Pivot Health: Transforming How Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Find Jobs

SEATTLE, WA – 23 May, 2017 – Today, Pivot Health Company (“Pivot Health”) – www.pivothealth.co – announced the launch of the first digital hiring platform designed to connect advanced practice providers with leading healthcare jobs in Washington state. The platform, which will serve as a marketplace for both job seekers and HR professionals, is designed to help healthcare institutions find top talent when filling high-demand, advanced-skilled positions. Currently, the platform is specifically tailored for matching nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and nurse midwives with jobs in Washington state and will expand nationally by 2018. 

Today, the healthcare industry spends in excess of $18 billion annually in direct staffing. Meanwhile recruitment costs are projected to grow by 8% annually and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that medical professionals with an advanced degree will grow by an astounding 31% from 2014-2024. This growth stems from an emerging shortage of physicians which has made the need to improve patient coverage and fill the primary care gap more critical today than ever before.

Pivot Health is leading the way to help fill this gap, by better connecting healthcare institutions – such as hospitals, ambulatory care centers and private practices – with nurse practitioners and other advanced practice providers. The company uses its innovative digital platform to transform the current healthcare staffing model, which is largely outdated, suffers from a long time-to-fill, and ultimately produces mixed hiring outcomes.

“Healthcare institutions face pressure to meet growing patient demand while simultatenouly moving from fee-for-service to value-based care. This increases the urgency to improve provider quality. Our digitized solution streamlines recruitment processes, uses data to systematically define quality and improves job-switcher satisfaction,” says Tony Campos, co-founder of Pivot Health.

Under the current marketplace pilot in Washington State, advanced practice providers can request access to Pivot Health’s member network. The company targets nurse practitioners and providers in large cities like Seattle, as well as rural areas. After a simple sign-up process, members can access an array of free career advancement tools – including resume feedback, a salary analyzer, negotiation strategy framework, and personal talent coach. These tools are designed to help providers progress their careers, even if they are not looking to actively switch jobs at this point in time. “Forty-five percent of nurse practitioners are not currently job hunting but are open to new opportunities. These candidates, who are known as ‘passive,’ are typically the best quality but the most difficult to source,” says Simon Frey, co-founder of Pivot Health.

How the Pivot Health platform works:

  • Create Profile: Members can sign-up and create a unique profile. This includes career goals, skills and predictors of “fit,” not just traditional resume data
  • Profile is Reviewed: Pivot Health’s talent coaches and medical advisors will review every profile submitted to ensure that only the best talent is viewable to hiring managers. Using a unique set of guidelines, including soft skills, quantitative skills and data analytics, Pivot Health optimizes the right fit for both parties
  • Connect with Talent Coach: All members are paired with a personal talent coach. This person discusses discuss career aspirations, provides free resume feedback, and helps prepare job seekers for interviews. Members are also provided tools to support salary negotiations
  • Profile is Shared with Employers: Once a member’s profile is viewable, employers can request to interview the member. Employers will be matched with members based on the proprietary Pivot Health matching algorithm
  • Refer Friends: Every member can invite his or her peers. Members receive a cash bonus for each referral who is hired through the platform (unlimited)

“Job switching as a nurse practitioner can be cumbersome. As many of my colleagues will attest, everything from searching for the right job, to credentialing at your new workplace, can be time intensive and may even require significant out of pocket expenses. Access to an efficient online platform could really improve the whole process,” says Eleanor Miller, an acute care nurse practitioner.

Pivot Health is excited to launch its platform to transform the healthcare staffing industry with a mobile app to follow later in the year. Visit their website to learn more about how this startup is changing the healthcare landscape – empowering advanced practice providers to find the right job with less time and effort, while offering employers a more cost effective solution to their hiring needs.

About Pivot Health

Pivot Health was founded in 2016 with the mission of improving healthcare outcomes through smarter talent sourcing and an emphasis on quality. The Pivot Health team believes that changing jobs should be easy and exciting. The company is transforming the job-switching experience by better leveraging data and technology. The Pivot Health platform empowers the job-seeker, reduces time and effort, and comes with a dedicated talent coach for every member.

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