Modern Living with kathy ireland® Showcases Luxury Compression Sportswear with Cell Phone EMF Protective Pocket Technology from SportPort™

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Los Angeles, CA – May 23, 2017 – Kim Highfield, Founder and Owner of SportPort™, introduces her company with the observation, “As women become more attached to their phones, many of them carry their cell phones in their bras while staying active and working out. These phones have been known to produce low-grade microwaves called electromagnetic frequency (EMF) that have been associated with the risk of developing cancer. With the rise in consumer awareness of cell phone health risks and the necessity of more research growing, this public issue is making headlines more frequently. We have responded to this potential health hazard by developing a line of technical gear and sports apparel for women that provides an accessible phone pocket that incorporates high performance compression fabrics and EMF protection with our patented technology.”

Highfield believes that the education of the public on cell phone dangers is crucial for self-prevention. SportPort aims to keep their consumers updated on the latest findings through their website and newsletters. Receiving much media attention in 2017 is the City of Berkeley for their institution of a “right to know” ordinance on cell phone disclosure which requires cell phone vendors to post a visible notice that states cell phones are required to meet the FCC radiation exposure guidelines. This attention has served to help raise awareness that there are known possible dangers of cell phone use due to the electromagnetic radiofrequency. Also serving to educate consumers the Environmental Working Group (EWG) endeavors to bring the latest research and studies regarding cell phone health concerns to the public. With this increasing awareness, SportPort aims to continue sharing current news as it comes to light and a recently updated page on their website to provide quick access to iPhone Safety Guidelines & RF Exposure Information.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, notes, “We are excited to introduce this important and innovative product developed by SportPort™ to our viewers. We know they are very health-focused and will find this source of protection of great interest.”

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Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Comwear, LLC, is the creator of SportPort™, the first company to launch a line of women’s sportswear and active wear that includes a built-in, protective pocket designed specifically for carrying a cell phone close and to shield the body from radiofrequency, RF radiation. Additionally, the company’s garments incorporate moisture wicking properties and UPF protection, together delivering active wear that is attractive, functional and safe.

Highfield concludes by noting, “All of our products are extensively tested by an independent accredited lab. However, they are popular with our customers for the personalized fit and appearance as much for the protection they provide. The comfort and sustainability of our garments make them the perfect choice for all women from casual wearers to professional athletes. “For instance, the Apex Compression Sports Bra with Cell Phone EMF Protective Pocket houses the safe cell phone storage pocket, but is also designed for maximum controlled support whether you’re running, practicing yoga or circuit training at the gym.”

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