Da Aromatherapy Collection Offers Perfect & Fragrant Solutions For Repelling Bugs This Summer

Inspired from the beautiful Hudson valley, the collection offers bug repellents, essential oils & other skincare solutions for everyone

New York City, NY, USA – May 23, 2017 – DA Aromatherapy Collection have announced that they have launched a brand new line of natural products to naturally repel deer ticks and mosquitos this summer. These products include organic essential oils that are especially designed to repel these bugs without using any harmful chemicals. Moreover, the company has guaranteed the effectiveness of these oils against deer ticks and mosquitoes throughout the summer season.

“We only use plant derived, natural and organic, made in the USA ingredients. Designed and crafted in Hudson Valley, New York.” Said Max Loskutnikov, the VP of Product Development at DA Aromatherapy Collection while talking about the new product line. “Each product in the Hudson Valley Inspired Aromatherapy Collection has been carefully designed using 100% natural and organic ingredients and essential oils that are handpicked and blended.” He added. According to the VP, the website features every natural bug spray offered at discounted rates.

Woodland Trails™ is the most popular blend created by DA Aromatherapy and it is a powerful blend of Organic Rosemary, Lemongrass, Clove, Cedar wood, Eucalyptus, and Lavender Essential Oils. All these essential oils and natural bug repellents of woodland trails are proven to repel ticks, mosquitos and other bugs. Moreover, all these repellents are safe for humans, pets, children and adults.

Besides repelling bugs and insects naturally, another amazing benefit of these products by DA Aromatherapy is that they are created and perfected to suit the mood of the customer. These fragrances are tested by some of the most experienced aroma therapists and have been proven to help in relaxing a user. Aromatherapy is a popular technique used worldwide for several health benefits including increased blood circulation, improved healing and reduction of stress and anxiety besides increasing energy levels and overall alertness.

Besides body mist sprays and oils, DA Aromatherapy Collection also offers a wide range of oils, lotions, hand soaps and shower gels. Moreover, all these products are conveniently available online on the website of the company and the rates are highly affordable for everyone. Furthermore, the company also offers a wide range of products for skincare and beauty for its customers. Just like Woodland Trails, that is created naturally to repel bugs and insects, other products of the company are also created entirely from botanical and all natural ingredients for health, beauty and protection of the customers.

Some of the popular products offered by DA Aromatherapy Collection include Botanical Joy™, Woodland Trails™, Bug Repellent Mists and Sprays, Bath and Body Skin Care products, Sets and Gifts, Organic Essential Oils and Blends Luxury Hotel Amenities. The company has received phenomenal response from its customers from all across the US as well as clients that include some of the most lavish hotels in the Tristate area and beyond

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