Award winning entrepreneur, certified coach, published author, and speaker Scott A. Coulter launches

His namesake website dedicated to empowering young adults and workforce professionals.

Drawing from 30 years of experience in leadership, military training and workforce development – Coach Scott’s website will provide access to his innovative MINDSET Methodology along with an entire host of self-improvement services, e-learning tools, and self-development solutions for anyone (business or group) motivated to find success.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/458096671/original/38designshadow2_psd_3000X2000.png

May 24, 2017 – In May 2017, Coach Scott, award winning entrepreneur and Chairman of APSi (a Workforce Managed Service and Training Firm), will launch his namesake website designed to extend expertise to individuals, professionals, and groups who are seeking innovative ways to achieve success. 

Building on a 30 year career working with executives, businesses, individuals, and at-risk youth, the new website ( will introduce the revolutionary MINDSET Methodology that will transform your old fixed perspective into a more resilient and determined way of thinking for winning.  Coach Scott’s methodology features a strategic “Kaizen” approach to personal and professional growth.  Coach Scott utilizes key elements from this new coaching methodology to empower his clients to achieve higher levels of success

“Today’s society is becoming increasingly focused on self-development, leadership, and performance improvement strategies.  My team and I are dedicated to supplying clients with innovative ways to obtain their goals and become more competitive and fulfilled in life.  We believe that walking through the journey with them while introducing new concepts to achieve sustainable change is a holistic approach to overall happiness”, states Coach Scott.

Coach Scott’s journey began while serving in the United States Army, where he attended the Army Basic Instructors School and discovered a real passion for helping others. Eager to continue his passion beyond the armed forces, Coach Scott quickly achieved success after active duty as an HR Director, Technical Recruiter, Sr. Account Executive, and then becoming Managing Director of a $55M staffing agency. 

“I’ve seen and done a lot in my career.  I’m very blessed to be able to relate to my clients in ways other coaches aren’t able to.  I share my successes, failures, and struggles with areas of change and then introduce effective MINDSET tools that make sustainable change easier.  That’s my life purpose and I’ll continue to learn and improve my service so others can experience the same happiness in their lives,” he says of his passion for coaching.  

As an entrepreneur, managing a consulting agency (APSi), the award winning business leader is on a mission to coach others through a holistic approach to success and happiness.  In addition to his prominent career, Coach Scott has worked with outreach groups, non-profit organizations, government contractors, and city mayors to help provide career solutions for their communities.  For his achievements, Scott was awarded Business Leader of the Year for developing an innovative workforce program that helped transitioning professionals, military vets, and at-risk youth become re-trained and placed in high-demand technology markets.

Coach Scott has a burning passion to give back to those who may not have access to the resources available to those who receive support for growth.  He wants to partner with organizations, individuals and business leaders to deliver programs that can impact a new generation of leaders.

“It took a lot of support and committed professionals who took an interest in me and coached me to be who I am today.  Most people live an entire lifetime and never receive the opportunity to experience success.  I aim to change that scenario in as many communities as I can,” he says.

By launching, Coach Scott hopes to help others become unstoppable and obtain unbelievable breakthroughs.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/458096191/original/scott_arms_crossed_banner_2.png

Those who have worked with Coach Scott will tell you, his methods get results and his energy and passion is second to none.  Coach Scott will empower you to have courage, confidence, will challenge you to push further and block out the fearful distractions the hinder the path of success. 

Now his website has launched, anyone seeking professional business, life, or career coaching will have the ability to tap into Coach Scott’s global network of resources and tools to help them achieve their goals. 

For more information, please visit or

Let’s begin our journey toward greatness and “DOMINATE EACH DAY”!

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