Eco-Prayer Launches New Website and an Inspiring 30-Day Challenge for Humanity

Thriving Earth, sponsor of, announced this week the launch of a newly enhanced website to better serve global participants of prayer, mediation and focused intention. The organization has been committed to encouraging spiritual and physical interventions to help restore, support and develop thriving ecosystems.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – May 24, 2017 – Eco-Prayer has proudly announced the launch of their expanded and re-designed website, which offers new and enhanced features for a global community. The new website features expanded ecosystem pages, newly integrated social share features, and enhanced galleries for prayer, visualization and mediation.

“In the past year, over 50,000 people from 185+ countries all over the world have visited Eco-Prayer, and have joined a global movement of people concerned for our planet,” said Dr. Scott Walker, the Founder of Eco-Prayer. “All religions and world traditions agree we must support our world’s ecosystems, and what better way to do so that than through prayer and positive intention for the earth.”

In addition to the launch of the expanded new website, Thriving Earth and Eco-Prayer have also introduced an all new Eco-Prayer 30-Day Challenge to help make Eco-Prayer practice part of many more people’s lives. The easy to apply prayer and meditation guidelines by Eco-Prayer is something that anyone can do in just a few minutes a day, and help to contribute to a necessary profound shift for the earth.

Dr. Walker continues, “Eco-Prayer is designed to make doing something for the environment available for everyone. All you need to do is choose one or more places, plants or animals that you love and then each day pray with positive intention for it. Imagine the impact of the tens or hundreds of thousands of people every day praying together for the highest good of the earth. Together we can create so much more needed impact for our planet and its ecosystems.”

Eco-Prayer is welcoming everyone to participate in this great and inspiring challenge, that will not only help the planet, but will also help shape the world as a better place for the future generations.

The organization is warmly welcoming people from all religious backgrounds, faiths, traditions and nationalities to join this cause at

About Eco-Prayer and the Thriving Earth Organization

Eco-Prayer is the first outreach of the parent organization Thriving Earth, which is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization founded in the United States. Eco-Prayer grows out of the vision of a future with people caring on a global scale for places, plants, animals, people, and the Earth through prayer, intention and action. This vision begins with global humanity joining together in Eco-Prayer and good will for the earth’s ecosystems.



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