The Establishment of The United States KYTE Eastern Europe Branch

KYTE Securities is destined to be extraordinary in 2017.

After the trading data in the Asian region and global of the United States KYTE Treasury reverse repurchase formally was converged on May 18, KYTE has completed the global strategic planning, including North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

The company will pay more attention to how to provide more meticulous service to the markets around the world, so that it can help the market players in the region to work efficiently.

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In the past year, due to the steady and rapid growth of the KYTE reverse repurchase market in Eastern Europe and Southern Europe, the original service system has been unable to meet the rapid growth demand of the market. In order to more conveniently serve more than 10 countries in the region, KYTE Securities headquarters in the United States decided to set up a regional branch in Romania, and the local market leaders cooperating with the staff at the headquarters carry out branch offices and staff recruitment. At the same time, expressing the gratitude to the local market leaders for the work. It is believed that it will bring more complete market services to the region after the establishment of the branch.

KYTE Securities headquarters hold the belief that the establishment of regional service system is important for the market development staff. From the second half of 2017, the core work of the headquarters will be on sorting out the various regional markets around the world, firstly set up service centers or branch offices in the initial market size of the region. The establishment of the branch needs the integration of the host government, the market size and market potential and other conditions.

KYTE headquarters will always be devoted to the market development staff to provide the most complete services. KYTE will be with you in the future.

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