Urban Commuting New Fashion—Airwheel R5 Smart Electric Assist Bike

Airwheel electric moped bike R5 is a vehicle integrating recreational, commuting and sports functions. It enables three operating modes and has great performance in portability and intelligence.

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Airwheel electric moped bike R5 is a hot vehicle in urban cities. It is an equipment which has recreational, commuting and sports functions, and meet the diversified needs of urban dwellers.

R5 has adopted a minimalist style. The rectangular shape is cool and nimble. The main frame is made of light-weighted aluminum alloy. But the 18.5kg body can bear a maximum weight of 100kg. Unlike Airwheel electric folding bike E3 and E6, R5 has been equipped with a chain system and it allows riders to pedal. Therefore, the vehicle offers three operating modes, bodybuilding, electricity-assisted and power-assisted mode. Equipped with customized 16-inch tyres, the citizen e bike guarantees better grip effect and traffic ability. It is more durable and can adapt to different road conditions.

city electric bike

To remove the trouble for urban office workers and enhance the efficiency of commuting, Airwheel citizen e-bike R5 has adopted a foldable design. It takes only three simple steps to fold the vehicle and the folded size can fit into small space. R5, when folded can be taken onto public transportation. Daily commuters can plan their daily route by connecting R5 and other public transportation facility. After arriving at the working place, riders can store it in offices without occupying too much space.

Airwheel citizen e bike R5

As an intelligent vehicle, Airwheel R5 also allows interaction between people and the tool itself, via a customized app. Riders need to install an app on their smart phone. The app can display information like speed, running mileage, and dump energy. Before each ride, people can check the battery to see if there’s enough energy for a ride, and check the fault self-diagnosis to see if the city electric bike is in good condition. This will ensure that each journey is secured by Airwheel. Riders can also set speed limit and position the vehicle on the app.

Airwheel electric moped bike

Airwheel has dramatically elevated user experience, by improving each detail. Airwheel citizen e bike R5 can shift its role freely between traditional bike and electric bike, with chain system and hub motor mounted. It is a new fashion to ride the vehicle to commute.

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