ManleyFresh announces the launch of the Squash Fragrance Air Freshener

Arizona-based maker of air freshener, ManleyFresh, launches its new air freshener, the Squash Fragrance Air Freshener at a discounted price of $8.99

ManleyFresh Company recently announced the launch of its new air freshener – the Squash Fragrance air freshener. The Squash air freshener is the latest addition to the series of quality and affordable air fresheners from the stables of ManleyFresh.

The air freshener is suitable for use in offices, cars, and homes, helping to freshen up the air in the environment by clearing up bad odors from smokers and pets. The gel-based air freshener is made to last for a long period of time, refreshing the environment with a nice citrus smell.

The squash scent of the air freshener comes from the mix of lime and lemon, creating a unique and long-lasting smell that lasts for as long as three weeks. In addition to refreshing the air in the environment, the Squash Fragrance Air Freshener also deodorizes the environment with natural fragrances.

The air freshener comes in a non-refillable disposable container, allowing users to position it in different areas using adhesive tape. The 4.2oz air freshener is to last for approximately 45 days, ensuring that users do not have to change air fresheners too frequently. It is also fairly priced, ensuring that homeowners, business executives, and car owners can enjoy the beautiful lime and lemon scent without having to break the bank.

About ManleyFresh Company

ManleyFresh is a provider of high quality and affordable air fresheners. Founded in 2016, the company provides air fresheners of different varieties to all kinds of consumers, helping to create a healthier environment in the home, car, and offices.

The products cater to all kinds of users from professional drivers, car enthusiast, smokers and people with pets.

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