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Bon Voyage – Jet Lag Supplements by Travelers, For Travelers. Bon Voyage Supplements boost energy during the day and regulate sleep cycles during the night.
Bon Voyage Supplements has pioneered a special formulated solution for reducing the effects of jet lag. After two years of research and development, which included rigorous rounds of formulation development, internal testing, and formulation revision, the team at Bon Voyage Supplements is announcing their signature jet lag supplement.

The Bon Voyage team worked on the product development for two years before announcing that they’d created the world’s first and only 2-in-1 safe, natural supplement for jet lag. Forging an exclusive partnership with Mihai Niculescu, PhD, at Advanced Nutragenomics LLC, Bon Voyage Supplements was able to validate the formula’s ingredients and move forward with the next steps of releasing their supplement to the world.

Theirs will be the world’s first and only 2-in-1, natural, safe supplement. With its clinically tested ingredient, Neuravena, the supplement works to promote better travel experiences by enhancing alertness, relieving stress, boosting cognitive function, thereby combating jet lag.

Thus far, Bon Voyage Supplements has made a buzz across the world. Information about the company and their supplement has been published in 219 leading media outlets, including Yahoo, ABC, and the Miami Herald. Bon Voyage Supplements has even been featured in publications as far as Argentina and the United Kingdom, and a recent product ad for the company was featured in Times Square. Two cable channels have approached the Bon Voyage Supplements team with interview requests, and preliminary discussions with major retailers across North America have been positive.

Finally the Team at Bon Voyage had tremendous success online exceeding their crowdfunding goal by +114%, they have raised 22,000$ in one month which proves the supplements is awaited and in-demand. Travelers around the world funded this unique 2 in 1 JetLag supplements (Link to crowdfunding campaign:–2).

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